Hairbrush spanking

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Добавлено wildman1200 4 г. назад
Длительность: 01:27
Просмотры: 95,241
Категории: БДСМ Женское доминирование Отшлепывание
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10 дн. назад
I remember a brush breaking once... after that she always went with a belt.
12 дн. назад
Sexy Woman!
20 дн. назад
Mice spanking but might have lasted a little longerN
2 мес. назад
I LOVE this woman!
2 мес. назад
5 мес. назад
tough to receive, but great vid
6 мес. назад
I would love to come home to this lady.
10 мес. назад
Ive watched this so many times. Never get tired of watching her, imagining the pain, my submission, the thought that it could come at any time, the power she has over me...and the fact that I would beg for more - and she knows it and uses it over me, and I dont care
1 г. назад
i would have cummed all over her dress as i would be wriggling and squirming a lot would have got a harder spanking we all know the pain after cumming!!!
1 г. назад
Fantastic! Cannot get enough of this
1 г. назад
Very nice
1 г. назад
When a woman raises the hairbrush higher than the top of her head
and swings down as hard as she can, you know it's gotta hurt bad, especially when done in rapid, non-stop strokes! In most videos like this, the women seldom hit with much force, and they stop after every couple of swats to rub the guy's butt. This woman was different. It's hard to imagine a punishment spanking any worse than this. It didn't matter that she put 4 of every 5 strokes on his right cheek, because the OTK chair spanking position always seems to favor the far cheek. Kudos to the guy for staying over her lap for the 94 swats she gave him. It was awesome! Watching this always gives me a huge hard-on. I'm not sure that would be the case if it was ME over her lap! Owww...
1 г. назад
Oh, my! Am I next?
2 г. назад
She is how my wife
3 г. назад
I agree 100% with 'Littlesha', she distributed the spanks very poorly, his right buttock will be well and truly bruised whereas the left one probaly won't even mark. She spanks well, but needs to learn how to punish both buttocks equally. She was inconsiderate,
3 г. назад
A good education is worth a lot in later life.
3 г. назад
Many good things here like her "10" beauty and her honest firey hot spanks, but what is it with you spankers out there? Like so many "AUTOMATIC" spankers, you don't adjust the strike to give equal attention to BOTH friggin cheeks! The outer butt cheek got 20 to one more spanks then the inside cheek! Why? Because she was too lazy or insensitive to do the inside one. She would have to lean back or use a shorter stroke to give it proper and equal punishment. As a switch, I can see and feel it from both perspectives. Mayb it was good "porn" but incompetent discipline. Tell her I said so.
3 г. назад
Just lovely. I'd love to have across my knee.
3 г. назад
nice to see some real punishment.
3 г. назад
good spanking. Really blistered this one. now a little cornor time and a nice diaper will finish it up
3 г. назад
i know i would have cummed on her legs befor it was over
3 г. назад
Mega Geil
3 г. назад
I was just curious about this type of video and it's not to my taste so I didn't rate-figured it wouldn't be fair to those of you who enjoy this genre and to those of you who do, more power to you and enjoy.
3 г. назад
4 г. назад
4 г. назад
4 г. назад
4 г. назад
Well now that is one lucky fellow, I should show this one to my wife.
4 г. назад
Good god! Gasp! This is against nature, I tell you...
4 г. назад
Thank you for posting

I love this woman and how she really know how to hairbrush spank.

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