Ancient Granny Still Loves Sex

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Old granny loves cock

Добавлено 7 г. назад
Длительность: 32:59
Просмотры: 2,690,921
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1 мес. назад
So was muss man(n) einfach ficken! Die alte Sau hat es nicht anders verdient!
2 мес. назад
She's is one hot sexy GILF . Love an unshaven granny , this is the way all GILF's should look . Keep it real and hairy . X
3 мес. назад
Wat een ontzettend lekker wijf is dat! Zo'n prachtig oud lichaam! En wat een geile video! Hoe ze vrijt met die jonge vent is erg lekker, hoe ze neuken. Ik zou haar ook erg graag eens lekker willen verwennen.
Maar ik zou ook graag willen dat die jonge vent mijn 63 jaar oude vrouw eens net zo lekker verwent, dan film ik het wel!
4 мес. назад
I would love to be filmed fucking her.
5 мес. назад
Wish to find this very hot granny in my bed...! Also love the way they kiss and then fuck (20:00-...)
5 мес. назад
Age has nothing to do with it, it's what you do with what you've got, and she has really got it, beautiful.
5 мес. назад
GEIL! ! ! !
6 мес. назад
on croirait la mere et son fils j adore
6 мес. назад
Lucky guy. Wish i could fuck a granny .
8 мес. назад
good fuck
10 мес. назад
gostoso come velhas , elas tem muita tara e adora da o cuzinho , adoro
1 г. назад
Elle baisse mieux q une pute de 20 ans
1 г. назад
Magnifique j adore les mamies
Aime baisser avec elles contacté moi s il y a des mamies
1 г. назад
I would love worship her fantastic sexy body all over! I would love kiss her, liss and adore her luscious breasts and nipples and kiss her tummy all over as I descended upon her luscious and ass and asshole! I would so love to kiss her pussy hair and ear her delicious pussy and lick her clit! And to worship her ass, licking and riming and deeply tongue fucking her asshole! Would feel so wonderful. I am not sure I could pleasure her with my clitty; but if I were there with her stud lover I would love to pleasure them both! I'd love to eat her sexy pussy after he would cum hard and fill her luscious cum! I'd lick and such and swallow all of her juices and his cum! I would love to suck his beautiful cock and eat and lick her asshole clean too! Awesome video!
1 г. назад
a wonderful story about a scandalous affair.... Thanks for telling us.....
1 г. назад
I would love to manhandle her fuck those tits... fuck her mouth, fuck her so hard and just keep cumming inside her
1 г. назад
Das Lieblingsvideo von meiner Tante und mir.
1 г. назад
Oh Gott ich hätte Bedenken dass der Herr sie zu sich holt.
1 г. назад
sehr geil ,mit einer Oma so zu knutschen und ihr auch den Arsch auszulecken. schade, dass er die geilen Omafüsse nicht auch noch leckt
1 г. назад
Thats my kind of granny. Nice saggy tits, ample belly and hairy pussy. Great Thanks. Who is she?
1 г. назад
I fucked an old neighbor age 75 she was just as hot in bed as a 20 year old one of the best fuck I ever had
2 г. назад
hot story!!!!
2 г. назад
Granny is hot but this dude acts totally inexperienced.He was sucking on her finger like he needed a dick in his mouth. I've seen a lot of women do this to a guys hand but not the other way around,but I love granny.
2 г. назад
According to my experience, if and old granny had a sex partner she'd become more passionate and lustful with age. My grandmother (my mom's mother) Rose became a widow at the age of 70 when I as just 20. As she lives by herself and according to our culture I (the eldest grandson) had to stay the nights, weekends and holidays at her place to keep her company. What would happen happened one stormy night when Rose, out of fear of the thunder, asked me to sleep in her bed. As she was a very healthy, attractive and sexy woman at her age, and she was missing her husband, we ended up having sex that night. The next morning we felt a bit embarrassed of what had happened the night before, but we tried to keep everything normal until the next weekend when I decided to move in with her and sleep in her room from then on. I became in love with her without knowing and both of us kept our relationship look 'normal' to the rest of the family. Our sexual relationship became more and more passionate, we fucked almost every night. I gave up my social life to spend most of the time with her. During weekends, except the grocery shopping time for me and the cooking time for her, we spent the rest of the days in bed having sex. We became more and more in love with each other, and when there was nobody around she called me 'my love' and I called her 'baby'. I graduated 5 years later and got a teaching job in the same city where my grandmother resided. Our incestuous relationship became more and more intense, and the first thing I did in the afternoon when getting home was to fuck her (she was always ready for sex as we were naked all the time at home) before eating dinner. On my first job vacation I took Rose (she was 75yo then) to a very libertine nudist resort in southern France where we could fuck in public on the nudist beach whenever we felt like, regardless of there was people around or not.
We have spent 20 years of pleasure and happiness and became indispensable to each other, we could not live without each other. Unfortunately, her arthritis conditions became worse and worse and at 90 years of age, although very lucid in the mind has lost her mobility, she had to use a wheelchair to move around. After a serious discussion with all family members, Rose agreed to move into a private nursing home nearby where she had her own room.
I visited her everyday after work at the nursing home. The nursing home's staff was very understanding, they did not disturb us during my visits where I spent most of the time fucking Rose in her room. The staff even supplied her with a tube of lubricant which she did not actually needed (it's amazing, at +90yo, she was still wet when needed!), so I assumed the staff was aware of what happened between us inside Rose's bedroom. I silently thanked the staff for keeping our intimacy confidential since they knew that rose was my biological maternal grandmother.
Rose became used to living in a nursing home as she had everything she needed and I visited her every day to satisfy her craving for love, affection and sex. She also had a few close friends. I was glad she was happy in her new environment because my love for her did not wane with time.
I always took her home during the weekends when I did all the shopping and cooking for her. Our love and sexual intensity was almost the same as 20 years earlier, that meant we fucked most of the time when at home.
One day my grandmother suggested that she liked to have one of her nursing home's friends from time to time if I did not object, I suggestion I gladly accepted. Since then, every second weekend I had another granny home besides my grandmother.
Rose let us three sleep in her king size bed and allowed me to have sex with her friend provided I fucked them in her presence and I did get emotional involved with them. By that arrangement I ended up fucking most of the residents of her nursing home aged from 75 to 90 over my grandmother's last five years.
My family organized a big party/dinner for my 'baby' 95th birthday at my mother's home. All my aunties, uncles and their children came together with well wishing presents. My aunty, the eldest child of my grandmother gave a speech to thank me, all behalf of the family, for looking after their mother during the last 25 years. In response of the thanking note, Instead of accepting the thanks, I thanked them and especially my grandmother for giving me the best and happiest 25 years of my life. I knew that only Rose understood what I said and why I said that.
After the dinner I took my grandmother home where I already had some roses displayed and champagne chilled in the fridge,
We stripped naked and went into the hot bath, raised our champagne glasses to toast our relationship' 25th anniversary. I then I affectionately kissed Rose and murmuring into her ear, "I love you baby, I love you my bitch, I love you my slut, I love you my cunt" to which she responded by stroking my cock passionately and moaning loudly.
I supported Rose into the bedroom and started making love as if there was no tomorrow. We passionately pleasured each other orally, and then I fucked her orally, vaginally and anally for more then an hour and ended up by shooting a huge load of sperm in her rectum. We collapsed into a deep sleep out of exhaustion and pleasure, she was in my arms, our bodies still connected by my cock in her asshole.
The next morning, I withdrew from her and went to the kitchen. When I came back into the bedroom I still saw a smile of happiness and satisfaction on her face. Rose did not respond when I tried to wake her up for breakfast in bed. Yes, she is gone forever.
Now, when I am sharing this wonderful experience with you, Rose has passed away for 20 years, but I still love her. My love for her was so deep and the memories of that love was so overwhelming that I never ot married. I'm still thinking of her, I still visualize in my mind the happy time I had with my grandmother Rose, and I still masturbate thinking of the moments of love, of lust and of pleasure we had in our 25 years together.
RIP Rose. RIP My Baby
2 г. назад
geil, wie er der Oma das Arschloch ausleckt. Hätte ihr beim Ficken auch noch die Füße mit der Zunge verwöhnt
2 г. назад
she is really good
2 г. назад
Wooow what a dream Granny, she`s so HOT and sexy.
Love to be there and fuck her every day...
2 г. назад
any one a name?
3 г. назад
Granny still loves her some sucking and fucking like when she ate his ass.
3 г. назад
so sweet granny

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