Young Models #5

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Another montage of hot, young babes getting naked along with gorgeous faces receiving creamy facials!

Добавлено 5 г. назад
Длительность: 15:32
Просмотры: 657,957
Категории: Любительское порноКончают на лицоПодросткиМодельМоделиYoung
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3 дн. назад
hot !
9 дн. назад
Another superb collection of young beauties - looking forward to #6?
3 г. назад
Lovely selection of girls!
3 г. назад
Thanks you all for your wonderful comments everyone, and have a very Happy Holiday !! --Matt
3 г. назад
Disturbing, fascinating, great. I've seen a lot of porn over the years and this is about as psychologically powerful as anything I've ever seen. Hard to explain why, but the music and the cuts here really make you feel as if you've stumbled upon something private and indecent- very exciting. Well done... and keep up the good work.
3 г. назад
this is great!
4 г. назад
well done, good music and lovely girls! please moore
5 г. назад
Lol, stupid me. The title card says it.
5 г. назад
Isn't that music from the movie "Moon"?

Anyway, I really dig the girls you show here.
5 г. назад
Not into skinny buy still some great erotic fantasy shots, keep em cummin "no pun"
5 г. назад
mal was anderes...........
5 г. назад
Yes, all models are at least 18 (don't get me into any trouble here !) and point in fact, I have seen most of the more 'suspicious-looking' ones actually play in professional porno movies floating around on the net, so yes, they are all legal.
As for the skinny side of some of the models, please note that this video is intended as a fantasy setting, something both intimate and personal supported by music and editing; I don't expect any woman over the age of 25 to reasonably think she can ever get back to that kind of body type (I'm not geting any thinner with age, myself). Thus the 'young' in the title, intended to be alluring to both sexes; I was not trying to encourage anorexia. It's more about the nostagia of youth. Your comments are always welcome. If you want more, let me know
5 г. назад
some of those women need to start eating regular food instead of just cum....way to skinny
5 г. назад
the collection is ok
5 г. назад
Good music. But are all the girls 18+ ? Good compilation
5 г. назад
5 г. назад
Holy Shit ! Somebody give these girls a cheeseburger ! I liked the music.
5 г. назад
A fine collection

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