Amy Schumer Anal Bondage Electro Shock Porn

Prepare to see the Internets Most Shocking Website! Leather, Chains, and Electricity are the tools of Dr. Sparky's trade! Watch as he shocks these sluts into submission with "The Lightning Rod"
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Before Amy Schumer started in comedy which was quite good until she became an SJW, she shot some porn with Whacko Dr Sparky! Watch her get ass fucked and facial after shock treatment!

Добавлено 6 мес. назад
Длительность: 08:15
Просмотры: 37,097
Категории: Electricity PlayAmy SchumerАнальный сексБДСМБлондинкиБондажЗнаменитостиBondage AnalElectro BondageElectro Shock
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6 мес. назад
Tremendous. Can't wait!
6 мес. назад
Will be posting that soon.
6 мес. назад
She did a gloryhole girlz video that was really good. Tough to find though
6 мес. назад
She needs another 150 lbs and a pig face to look like the Schumes.
6 мес. назад
Theres a quote for the day "2 in the goo, 1 in the poo".. lol

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