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quick fuck

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I run my wet tongue between along your shaft from tip back down before running my full tongue back up again. I feel your cock stiffen slightly and I moan deeply as I take you into my mouth, sucking gently as I swirl my tongue around it. Your cock grows more rigid in my hand. I begin to stroke your now fully hard cock, shallow and maddeningly slow, looking up into your eyes as my tongue runs up your whole length, your large cock head resting on my lower lip as I lap at your slit, tasting the sweetness of your pre-cum. My body shivers in satisfaction, as my tongue tastes you, though quickly fadi… Читать далее

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Rocky Horror first time

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My wife Michelle had booked two tickets for Rocky horror show, I knew what she was up to ,last 6 months I was constantly dressing up for her not that I really minded but I guess I could maybe get away with a public display as a lot of guys get into the spirit of the show ,just didn't want to embarrass myself. She had been buying a lot of clothes lately & had become a bit more forceful & had taken a more dominant role & I had become a lot more submissive ,to tell the truth I had become a bit more feminine by the day, can't say I was unhappy a little less stressed maybe & enjoyin… Читать далее

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A Croatian princess: "Princess underpants!

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This story begins in the hospital, more precisely in the ward of guards. During a hospital guard, late at night and while studying in a book the pathology of a patient, they knock on the door. When I opened it, I was shocked, in front of me was a princess, with an angelic face, a penetrated look and very sensual red lips. She spoke to me, I was hypnotized by her beauty !!! When I leave that state, I realize that she told me that the person next to her needed attention. I bring this mysterious princess and the person accompanying her into my office. I do the corresponding review to the patient-… Читать далее

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SexyLaurie on Display

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The room was still cloaked in gloom despite the shard of bright afternoon sunlight that poured in where the edges of the heavy d****s failed to meet. The gloom was soft with sounds of slumber, a muffled sigh, and the silken rasp of chiffon sliding across satin. Slowly, the occupants of the oversized bed drifted from their dreams through the layers of sleep and into the gentle awareness of waking. No shrilling sound of an alarm or piercing ray of light dragged them abruptly from sleep. Carolyn loved waking this way, becoming slowly aware of being nestled beside her husband's warm body, feeli… Читать далее

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A lady called Missy and I make out at a Fuck feast


Gary, my date & I arrived at the fuck feast party & we agreed to go & have fun on our own. It was quiet with not many there. Did my eyeliner nails & put my high heels on. I had said hello to Rosy who was by now being fucked hard on the bed with someone else squeezing her tits as she wanked him off. I went & joined her on the bed for kissing & squeezing her tits as she rubbed my arm. Someone else came & fucked her & then she got up & went away. I lay on the bed watching as TV Ebony went down on her knees to BJ Gary. I spoke to another lady &… Читать далее

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stable boy

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I was so excited at starting my new job as a stable boy I almost couldn’t contain myself, that morning I showered and shaved my body completely smooth, I couldn’t help but pleasure myself before leaving the shower god I just couldn’t wait. Getting dressed I rolled on my favourite stockings I got a shiver as the silky texture worked its way up my freshly shaven legs I just so love the feeling, I put one my lacy red thong with garter straps and matching bra, I admired myself in the mirror for a few minutes before I covered it all up with my boy clothes, simple jeans and shirt that hides my bra.… Читать далее

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I got back to my hotel and got a shower

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My story is from 2016 and involves Jacqui a girl from our Head office that I had known for the past 5 years and met a few times, but last year we went out for a meal and drinks when I visited HO. We always got on well she was tall 5ft 9 inches with blonde hair and slim waist and large breasts, I needed help on marketing and she was head of the department. Head office was in the posh part of London just outside Kensington so I got a train to Piccadilly then caught the tube to Kensington, it was then a twenty minute walk to the office. At the time I was 48 and Jacqui was 25 so a lot younger than… Читать далее

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The Making of Rosie. Chapter One “Tara discovers T

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Synopsis: This is a fictional story of a young boy and his whore mother. The young boy has sexual desires for his slut of a mother and also longs to be like her. This is the first instalment documenting his journey to becoming a shemale whore. (Fb, M+F, prost, whore, size, tv, toys, creampie, strap-on, ws) Chapter One “Tara discovers Timmy’s secret” The sound of Salt-N-Pepper let’s talk about sex broke the mornings silence, as Tara’s mobile phone came to life, it was just coming up to seven thirty on a sunny Saturday morning in August 1999. Silencing the phone, she answered it w… Читать далее

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so horny went online for date

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Last night I was so horny more then normal. Went shopping and trolling that afternoon looking for anyone to service. No luck. I even text a few of my steady hook-ups but all were busy which made me even more horny. Took a bubble bath and changed into my night things (long white silk nigh gown, pink lace panties). Still so horny i reverted to craigslist my normal hookup site sure to get someone to do me. Posted many photos (from my private collection) and my post read "Transgender cock sucker willing to service in any way, anywhere car, truck, woods, parking lot, hotel room etc. will travel" WO… Читать далее

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1st time fucked

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Saturday night the wife was out with her friends and I was feeling a bit bored so I decided to drop into my local pub for last orders.sitting at a table close to the bar I spotted a Burundi chested brunette ,short skirt long legs and dark skinned,I made eye contact and got chatting and after a few drinks it turns out (or so I thought ) that she had just split up with her husband .at closing time she asked me if I could take her dancing so we went to a local club got a table couple more drinks then we started a few moves round the dance floor.Her perfume filled my nostrils as we got closer I fe… Читать далее

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The Apartment Part 4/3

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The atmosphere at the table was charged. It is Diana that suggests that we come back and eat our dinner later. "Good idea." Tom says and stands up. his cock is standing up too. He hurries out to the lounge, closely followed by Roger. Diana and I watch them and she turns and grins at me. "Would you give me a hand please Mike?" She asks. "Yes of course." We cover the dinners with cling film and pop them into the fridge. "Are you enjoying it here, Mike?" "What? At your party?" I ask puzzled. "No at the flats." I grin at her. "Yes." I see that she is waiting for a fuller answer. "Best thing… Читать далее

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Karen My School Teacher 15


Karen, My School Teacher - Part 15 By HosieryQueen Part 15 I saw that we’d went to the mall. We parked the car and walked inside. “Where are we going?” There weren't a lot of people because it was still early. “You Victoria, are going to a hairdresser, to get your hair done. It's at the other end of the mall!” We kept walking. And I saw men looking at me and Karen. Even men with their wives and baby’s were checking us out. Mmmm, I’d never been out in daylight like this before - only late nights - but this just felt so right. I love everything about being a woman. And I was s… Читать далее

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I spent days fantasizing about showing my panties to the building's concierge, but I could not find the excuse until one day, I asked him to come up and fix a summer chair that I have installed on my balcony, which has a back made of strings. "The ropes and ties are my specialty, Miss”, he said, and I instantly visualized an image that I could not repress. "Can you come tomorrow to do the job?", I asked. "Sure," he said. Through the idea of the moorings I connected panties with spanking and this is what I finally did. The next day I wore heels, a formal skirt and blouse, flesh-colored garter… Читать далее

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summer of terri 3

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He was careful not to flare the bulbous head of his cock. He wanted it as small and soft as could be for the initial penetration. He knelt behind her, straddling both her legs and Art's. He looked down to see her ass bulging around Art's dick and thought "No way! This is crazy! There's no way she can do this..." Ben placed his cockhead above Art's shaft and began to push. His head popped in easily. He whispered to Terri "Ok girl. It's in you. You have the two biggest cocks you'll ever see up your ass at the same time. Our cocks are at least as big as beer cans at this point and Art gets a LOT… Читать далее

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Carla goes out

ТрансыПервый разГрупповой секс

As a cross dresser who loves to dress as a dirty slutty girl I was sat at home thinking about what it would feel like to go out dreesed in public. I had often thought about it but never had the courage to do so. I was so fucking horny and wished I had a reason to go out and do something rather than sit at home alone. I thought about the times when I took my Dog for walks on summer evenings and we would walk in the woods and fields for hours at a time. I no longer had my dog sadly so didn’t get out much anymore. It got me thinking though, about what I came across whilst out walking with my Dog.… Читать далее

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You're My Bitch Now Part 11

ТрансыГей мужчинаФетиш

You’re My Bitch Now Part 11 Rick had confessed everything to Chris, who hadn’t stopped saying sorry for leaving him alone. Chris dragged him back to the flat where Rick collapsed onto the sofa. Chris wrapped his arms around him and tried to get him to calm down. What Scott had done to him freaked Rick out, and it felt good to have Chris hold him tight until he got himself back under control. Chris kept apologising and Rick told him to stop. It wasn’t his fault he said, he’d been so star struck and Scott had just taken advantage of that. Calmer now, he said goodnight to Chris and stumbled to… Читать далее

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Carla's pool night


So it was now a few weeks after my encounter with the dodgy police officer who skanked me into letting him fuck me senseless in the back of my van. I kinda promised myself that I wouldn’t let it happen again but I also knew how stupid I was and in the back of my tiny mind I knew I fucking loved it. Anyway was so bored again on my own at home that afternoon I began thinking about going out dressed once more. I knew I was pushing my luck but you know when you really really want to do something even though you know you shouldn’t? I tried putting it out of my mind but that was the problem, it was… Читать далее

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The hottest trans nurse !!!

ТрансыАнальный сексМастурбация

This is my second experience with the trans nurse !. It had already been two weeks of my first experience with Daniela (the trans nurse). We kept seeing each other at work, we kissed and we played in our free time, but nothing more. Then she invites me to dinner at her house. It is clear that I accepted, without hesitation. I went to his apartment, small, but very beautiful, we had dinner, (she told me it was an aphrodisiac meal) and then we sat down to watch a movie. After half an hour, we suddenly started playing and she put her hand on my pants and noticed that my cock was getting hard (I h… Читать далее

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History my future the fall of the. I'm 39 years old and a virgin. I've never considered myself a loser, but people with Asperger's syndrome (in nonclinical form) are always having a hard time communicating. Or maybe I'm too shy... However, all this does not matter. Of course, I compensated for the lack of normal sex watching porn. At first everything was standard... then I realized that I love to watch porn with Blowjob... to see, as cumming on face... look into the eyes of the sucking girl... And I started watching bisexual porn.. especially from Bimax... Oh, I was so excited about sucking… Читать далее

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Afternoon Submission


It was a hot afternoon and you'd just opened the instruction i had left you.Your heart begins to race as you read through the finer details.....latex underwear,stilettoes, the tightest of basques, your cock is to be enclosed in your latest chastity device with a catheter inserted all the way down your shaft . By this stage your erection is uncontrollable and you have to relieve yourself before getting prepared.This done you set about the task of covering your long smooth legs with your latex stockings, same with the shoulder gloves, pulling your delicate manicured hands into those long gloves… Читать далее

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