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Mistress Ella Kross__ Quotations


1-My perfect feet need cleaning, so I make my bitch boy bathe them with his tongue after he polishes my shiny, red high heels. He works his little tongue so hard trying to please me and worship my feet, thoroughly cleaning between my toes. I make this slave suck my feet as punishment for leaving a mess in my house. If he can't keep my house clean, the very least he can do is keep my wonderful feet spotless! 2-It's a beautiful, sunny day and I'm enjoying reading my book outside when my slave approaches me on all fours and asks to worship my feet. He's such a good slave! I decide to let him kis… Читать далее

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Sissy rider learns a lesson


It was a warm summers evening as sissy rode around the indoor school on her masters favourite mare her tight white jods were clinging to her as she gripped tightly with her legs urging the mare on with a gentle kick . The mare was proving to be a difficult ride and gave a few playful bucks sissy gripped tighter with her legs and found that she was getting a hard on from the vibration coming through the saddle instead of correcting the mare with her crop she lent foward pushing her cock against the saddle until she could take it no more her hot load exploding and seeping into the crutch of her… Читать далее

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What Did I do Last Night???

Анальный сексФетишТрансы

Billy my partner and myself had been to the drag club in the next town to where we live, we always get a taxi so we can have a drink. We met up with a couple of TV's and went to the courtesy rooms where we fucked them both rotten. The guy I was with took off his white lace panties before we started and said he would give them to me as a souvenir, which I accepted and put on when I left, leaving my boxers behind and we went off home in the taxi. We then red hot sex and as we are both versatile,we had the best of both worlds, we were so tired by 0030, we showered and went asleep after a hot kis… Читать далее

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Single Mom - National Park Part II

Анальный сексГей мужчинаТрансы

Coree Stewart turned the sapphire blue Cadillac crossover SUV into the parking lot of Loving Arms Community Church. His mom, Rochelle, was giving him as much practice as possible since he had gotten his learner’s permit. He enjoyed it and secretly hoped his sixteenth birthday in the upcoming March would net him a new car. Rochelle joined this church shortly after beginning the adoption paperwork for Coree and Jeramiah. All three enjoyed being an active part of the non-denominational congregation. They were just a few minutes late for Sunday school. She stepped out of the vehicle wearing an… Читать далее

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Single Mom - G-momma's Funeral

Анальный сексГей мужчинаТрансы

“Hey, baby,” sniffled Linda Perkins. “Hey, mom! I missed your calls. I was seeing patients,” Rochelle explained. “It’s okay. I was just calling to tell you G-momma passed away in the nursing home last night.” “Oh my god! I’m so sorry, mama!” The older woman sobbed, “Thank you! I’m workin’ on the arrangements with Paul and Dianne. I’ll let you know when the service is gonna be.” “Okay! Take your time. Is Clarence around,” she inquired about her mother’s husband. “He’s mowing the lawn.” “Alright. I need to get back to work. I’ll call on my way home.” “It’ll probably be next Saturday.” “… Читать далее

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the rainy night

Анальный сексТрансыМежрасовый секс

I ve been working at the tennis club for 2 years Mike and christopher the only 2 player risking playing that night but really just sit near the court watching the rain poor down drinking them beer i endup getting offered one and join em since there was no job to do both telling me they came just to get away from them bitchy wives laughting all together i went to buy more beer after my shift getting the soccer match on and we stayed under the covered area eatching the game on the big screen that usually showed the scored at event the match ended and we walk to the locker where our stuff w… Читать далее

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I Made Him Cum TWICE!

Анальный сексТрансыХардкор

Hi everyone! Wow - I am really enjoying this summer! The hot weather really brings out the sex in people. I had a really busy weekend at the adult arcade this week. Yesterday - Sunday - it was really hot and humid, so I chose a pair of hot pink, butt baring short shorts with suspenders, a black bandera style halter top, and 3 inch black and pink high heels! I had a really cute little pink bow in my hair, a cute black clutch purse, and rhinestone sunglasses. Oh - and a frosted pink lipstick! I got such an erection, looking at myself in the full length mirror before I left! The adult arcade is… Читать далее

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Pretty Blonde Sissy

Анальный сексТрансыМежрасовый секс

Naked and young - in bed with a big black MAN! Both of our naked bodies entangled together. I learned to give blowjobs early. I started masturbating when I was very young. Once I started doing it, it was all I thought about, 27/7 it seemed like. At that time I was living with my mom and her boyfriend Micheal. I never knew my real dad, Mom never talked about him; once, when she was drunk, she told me she wasn’t even sure who he was. Mom always had boyfriends as far back as I can remember. Three or four of them lived with us at different times, but they never stayed for long. She met Micheal… Читать далее

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ROAD TRIP A CD STORY Chapter 1.4 (New Orleans)

Анальный сексГрупповой сексТрансы

ROAD TRIP A CD STORY Chapter 1.4 New Orleans We were just out of Mobile when I went to sleep When I woke up; I looked a around and there was no one here the van was not moving the generator was on with the AC going all the curtains were closed and the van was lock.. Oh no did they leave me? I started to panic.. I open the side door and went out looking around it was dark.. Where the Hell am I !! I think it a rest stop I could see the bathrooms but no Black Mercedes the parking lot was empty.. My heart drop the guy’s just left me here and took off !! I set on the step of the van in my pink… Читать далее

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Bobbie to bitch Part 1 -A

Анальный сексПервый разТрансы

Tom and I were having a wonderful sexual relationship.I gave him everything but my boy butt. My wife was quiet although she asked a few questions. "Does he have a nice cock? Have you gone all the way?Are you ready to admit that you are gay?"I gave her some information but not all."Paula thinks you 2 are a cute couple.She wants to watch when Tom bones your ass for the first time. Meanwhile we are using the time share next wk . If you guys want to come along then you share a room ..Paula and I will share the other room. I assume you will be his GF all week.It will be nice to see you walking arou… Читать далее

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My New Apartment Manager

ТрансыПервый разВуайеризм

My New Apartment Manager (Fantasy Story) It had been several months since I moved away from that small town. It was hard moving to a city with so much population but it was an opportunity to meet and hang out with more people. I had become really good at dressing up and fantasizing about meeting new people, but was becoming more and more restless of not having a regular, daily thing with someone. I began fantasizing about being with my apartment manager. He was always friendly when he came over every Friday to check on routine maintenance. He would always stop at my window since my room faced… Читать далее

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Unexpected stranger at the door

ТрансыГей мужчинаПервый раз

Unexpected stranger at the door (fantasy) I had been secretly been cross dressing for about a year back then. I would go to Walmart or order clothes on line. I had my own place after military and college and was getting use to my new job. I was still single at the time and was able to buy a few outfits, wigs, heels, and lingerie for me to wear. I loved the feeling of wearing women's clothes but I was not very experienced with the feelings it brought out in me. One Friday afternoon I had got out of work early. I decided to spend it dressed in my new place. I started watching a crossdresser po… Читать далее

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My life as a cross dresser 7TRUE STORY

Гей мужчинаТрансыПервый раз

About half hour went by another beer was given to me and Mark I was feeling a little tippsy , the conversation had been really exciting , John had been asking me questions about my sex with Mark and wearing knickers, He asked did I wear my sister's or mum's underwear , my shyness was disappearing with the beer Both mine and marks cocks was still sticky and leaking, he told me to lick marks cock and balls clean, I knelt on the floor between marks legs his cock was soft , I held it to my face and started sucking, John moved to the sofa where I had been sitting, no Chris , lick it like a ice cr… Читать далее

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Who's Next? Part Three

ТрансыМежрасовый сексБДСМ

This is a hybrid between a story and a blog article. It started as a journal entry, then took on a life of its own. There are three or four vignettes based on musings on my life as a polyamorous husband. The segments are a mixture of memories of real experiences, utter fantasies, and enhanced experiences. I guess I have to credit or blame DizzyD247 for this as some of his best stories are also based on autobiographical events. Anyway, as I worked on it, the first vignette needed to be fleshed out. Once I did that, it got too big to publish the whole thing at once, so I'm publishing it in sect… Читать далее

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Single Mom - National Park Part I

Анальный сексГей мужчинаТрансы

Dr. Rochelle Stewart yawned as she walked through the parking garage. It was 6:09 a.m. and she had just finished an overnight shift in the emergency room at Mercy Memorial Hospital. It had been a busy night - two stab victims, a pediatric ear ache, one boil laceration, three patients from an automobile collision, a heart attack, and a serious gunshot wound. She had done everything she needed in the fast-paced environment to stabilize all of them and then move those that needed surgery to trauma unit. Mercy Memorial was the hospital serving the inner-city - a fact that typically made for lo… Читать далее

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The Girl Inside

Анальный сексГей мужчинаТрансы

My name is Lezlie and I live in Oklahoma. While this is a true story I have written various erotic fantasy stories which I plan to post. If you live in Oklahoma and you like what you read here ... if you're a top and find yourself rock hard and horney, message me. I'm ready to make a change in my life and stop hiding in the closet and come out into the lgbt community. I am an effeminate white sissy bottom who loves wearing panties, tights, hose, dresses, bras, bikini bathing suits, body stockings, baby dolls, teddies, nighties, negligees, lingerie and all things frilly and feminine. Though… Читать далее

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Mastubation Series Story 4th

МастурбацияТрансыЛесбийский секс

Freaks, welcome this is my 4th I think I may have lost count by now. This is a series of multiple stories they are all mix and match. Those of you reading thank you and enjoy. Story 4(i think) a special not for this story my FIREY REDHEAD (mental model for this, think of Venus Lux with straight long long dark reddish hair, go search her,,, I”ll wait….YEAH, I SO TOTALLY GO BI FOR HER!!! Ms.Lux your image and likeness were used in this story. I am broke no need to sue me but your welcome to my services. I can cut grass like no one else can, TERRIBLY! Hahaha lol your gorgeous I couldn't resist.… Читать далее

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Letting Her Full Femininity to Shine

ТрансыПервый разТабу

"There is something just amazingly erotic when a CD allows her full femininity and sexuality to shine thru and incredibly satisfying for the man to know that you share something incredibly personal, highly erotic, but still taboo in many circles." The first time we were together, I was invited to her place where she was waiting for me fully dressed. But we started out with some casual conversation on the couch and had a few beers to relax. We both knew where things were likely to lead, but the anticipation in the beginning was a great part of the excitement. As we were talking, she c… Читать далее

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Bobbie to bitch Part 1

ТрансыПервый разГей мужчина

My wife S. already friends with the new neighbors,Tom and P,the neighbors wife, joined some health club together.After a few months I met her husband Tom.He was tall with a nice trim body. He was almost 40 but looked younger.I am about 5'6'' 130 lbs with a petite almost femme body.I am almost 33 yo and my wife is 35. Our marriage of 5 yrs was not good and our sex life was limited.My small cock was not up to the task.I ate her pussy and jerked off on her pussy. Eventually she said that I cant jerk off on her pussy.She let me see her pussy then I would jerk off and eat my sperm. It got better wh… Читать далее

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From Bobbie to his bitch.Part 2

Анальный сексПервый разТрансы

I lost track of space and time. I even forgot that my wife..our wives were watching us.I only knew that Tom's big cock was way deep in my asshole and he was giving me a reach around.The pain becoming pleaureable.Our first anal intercourse.Each of us were virgins unti today.He boned me hard then slowed then hard again. My ass was opening up for his big cock. He put his hands on my hips. Very fast. My small cock flipping in circles to our natural rhythm. Our bodies joined as one by his magnificent cock.His… Читать далее

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