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Last week of my free month(casual encounter)

Анальный сексТрансыГей мужчина

The morning after my intense night with Anthony, Sunday morning. I wake up still in my lace bodysuit. Bottom half of my bodysuit soaked with lube, sweat and Anthony's cum. I leaked all his cum on my bed since after Anthony's bbc stretched my boipussy the butt plug wouldnt stay in. I went to clean up, shower and get a change of cloths. I chose a spaghetti top, pink v string thong and running booty shorts. I wash my cum stained sheets and some of my sisters cloths that I have gotten covered in strange mens cum. This month has gone by so fast and I only have a week left before my family comes ba… Читать далее

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Computerservice Teil 33

Анальный сексПервый разТрансы

Computerservice Teil 33 Der Rest des Tages verlief ruhig und ich war froh dass mein Schwanz sich wieder beruhigt hatte. Beim Abendessen gab mir Diana wieder einen Eiweißdrink zur Stärkung wie sie betonte. „Warum haben wir eigentlich nicht den gleichen wie im Studio“, fragte ich Diana dabei. „Der hier ist aus Japan eine besondere Lieferung für mich, stärkt besonders die Manneskraft und Ausdauer, das Ergebnis hast Du ja heute selbst erlebt“, antwortete Diana und grinste dabei. „Heute noch zwei vor zu Bett gehen, Morgenfrüh und Morgenmittag dann werden wir das Wochenende gut überstehen“, ergänzte… Читать далее

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Science behind sissification - How does one know t


My Destiny and background: It has been 4 years since i saw my first Sissification Video. It was Sissymaker I, i will never forget cus my excitation was all over the place when i found out what a sissy was. All cus i discovered my true self and the puzzle of my sexuality suddenly made sense. The first few files created a real change in my self image and esteem, now i had the courage to show it openly, I came out of the closet on social media that turned into a shitstorm, i was immune to insults and disappointments from relatives, i just knew that the Sissy life is where i belong. I never stop… Читать далее

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Discovering Our Housemaid's Secret


It was on a Wednesday afternoon that I reluctantly came home early from work at around 2pm. I noticed my wife's car wasn't there parked in our driveway as usual and that meant I had the house to myself for a while. I didn't tell her or the kiids that I'd be home early so it wasn't exactly a surprise to me. I had just parked my car in my usual spot when suddenly my phone rang and as I picked up my phone I saw it was my darling wife Brenda. She immediately started asking me questions about dinner plans for later or whatever else crossed her busy mind and she just wouldn't give me the pause… Читать далее

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Hurricane Evacuees

Гей мужчинаМежрасовый сексТрансы

According to the weatherman, the hurricane was set to make landfall within the next 36 hours. Thankfully, roommates and best friends, Fabrici Mora and Gabriel Valverde, had evacuated the coastal city they now called home. Both of the young men were of Costa Rican heritage and grew up in New York. After finishing their studies to become dental hygienist at Hostos Community College, they decided to move south. They settled on the popular resort that hosted two events which they loved - Black Cycle Week and the NFL’s HBCU Showcase. Each brought an enormous amount of men into the area. Plus, the b… Читать далее

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Fucked by my Trans Girlfriend


Miss Brat is a curious girl who loves to try everything that this world has to offer to her, especially when it comes to sex-related things. Nina, her transsexual off who has a huge dick and Brat is very curious on how is the sex life of her friend Nina, and her boyfriend. Basically, Miss Brat wants to be fucked by Nina’s huge cock and get all her holes filled with Nina’s love pole. Has usually Brat gets what she wants and if she is curious about a thing, sooner or later she will be doing that, it is her instinct and we think there is nothing wrong about it, don’t you think? Nina agreed&nbsp… Читать далее

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On the run into a new future...part 01


This is my first story in English, please do not be too strict with me. Only in the beginning it is a rather dark story. Please let me know what you thought about it. And enjoy it. I saw the fist coming at me. Blam! Another hit and another one and another one. They kept coming. My face red, tears rolling down my cheeks, my body shaking and curled up trying to protect itself but it didn't work. My Father's hand kept my hands in place while the other one kept coming at my face. He was drunk again, way too drunk. I was crying, begging, pleading him to stop, but he didn't. My mothe… Читать далее

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Reality Flixxx - sex cinema- TS

Анальный сексГрупповой сексТрансы

Sex cinema. Reality Flixxx Wasn’t expecting to see it, and yet there they were. A mature women and male getting frisky with each other in the low lit quiet narrow ally-way. Beneath them, a slick black littered ground, wet and puddled in patches and a tired bulb from a street lamp overhead struggled to stay lit, to provide light in the middle of the night, all tucked away on the outskirts of a small German town. The ally-way was perfect cover for these two to indulge and release their high sexual tension, or so they thought. Perhaps they didn’t care for their environment, certainly not a rom… Читать далее

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ТрансыФетишСекс юмор

Its mid-October, here I am at Samatha's Exclusive Boutique, the best top of the line in all clothing. Anything you like from undergarment to any knock off from your favorite celebrity's red carpet special dress to even some crazy custom you saw on the newest action superhero movie she can make it, create it and in a few days you can have it. One of my friends Mark who is in the know of it all, informed me about her. I'm Vee, I am currently standing at about 5'2 at 160 lbs I am bulked and leaned out, for an amuter bodybuilding contest to which I qualified top 10 not bad for my 1st contest. I'm… Читать далее

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Okumaya Diye Gittik, Yurtta Yarak Delisi Olduk! (A

Гей мужчинаХардкорТрансы

Selam herkese. Bu siteyi açanları tebrik ediyorum. Gerçekten çok harika ve nefis şeyler var. Hani benim gibi içine kapanık ve kimseyle birşey paylaşmayan insanların okuyacağı ve deşarj olacağı bir site. Ben de yıllar önce başımdan geçen gerçek ama henüz günyüzüne çıkmamış güzel bir anımı anlatmak istiyorum. Yıllar önce (ozaman daha 16 yaşındaydım) evimiz köyde olduğu için babam beni şehirde okutmak istedi. Ama kalacak yerimiz olmadığı için bir yurda vermek için araştırma yaptı. Bir erkek yurduna beni yerleştirdi. Burası güvenli ve güzel bir yerdi. Ancak maddi durumumuz çok iyi değildi. Babam… Читать далее

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Sophis first bbc(casual encounter)

Анальный сексМежрасовый сексТрансы

The morning after my hook up with daddy my ass was even more sore than yesterday. As good as it felt I decided to lay off anal play until next weekend. When I went to shower I pulled my plug out as usual, still covered in his seed I took my finger and scooped some with my finger and rubbed it on my tounge. I had forgotten how good cum tasted and thought in my little slut brain, my boipussy is on rest but I can still use my mouth lol. For a second I decided not to since I realized I was hoeing around too much, but this month is the only chance I get to get cock since everyone will be back by my… Читать далее

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Cockatoo Part 23

ТрансыГей мужчинаАнальный секс

Cockatoo Part 23 “Jamie, you alright, babe?” Shane squatted down, pulling up his balaclava so I could see his face. “Stay there for a moment while we clear the boat. We think we’ve got them all but we need to be sure.” I wanted to hug him, but he stood up, waved his arm, and the men started to move on in the crouching walk all special forces use, their automatic weapons at the ready. We were allowed to get up from the floor but all I could hear was the whining voice of the ambassador. “This is an outrage and I will be making a formal complaint to the Foreign Ministry. I have been in mortal… Читать далее

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My new neighbor f

ТрансыФетишПервый раз

I just move in to my new apartment after breaking up with my gf back in 2009. It was a nice 2 family home duplex I was told my neighbor was a family very quiet and low key I was like perfect for me. So as the months past I'v seen my neighbor maybe 6 time and was a very quick hi things I felt no bigger she will never borther me this will be great. It was about 3 am when I heard all this yelling someone crying names being call and shit breaking in my neighbors house.I got up threw on some jeans and went over to her door this guy was above her hitting my neighbor. I grab his arm an… Читать далее

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i love sucking married black guy

Межрасовый сексПервый разТрансы

Its always so exciting to drive at night in my pink camisole and panty looking for a cock to suck i remember the first time I sucked a cock in my car how crazy and horny i felt when he asked me if i was catching any pokemon my fone in my hand , window down playing that stupid game a huge bulge in his short bend over my window looking at me wearing a cute pink boy short i just bought ''can i come inside'' i watch him sit down in the backseat taking off his jeans showing off his hard big black cock ''im so horny come suck on my cock'' and i crawl on the floor , taking place between hi… Читать далее

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The next day (casual encounter)

Гей мужчинаАнальный сексТрансы

The following day after my intense hookups with the two men from craigslist. I wake up saturday morning from the best sleep I've had yet. With my booty still soaked in cum from last night and a slight soreness in my ass I got up and went to take a shower, removing my leggings, thong and bra. I saw I still had my plug in my ass pulling it out a gush of cum came with it. I chuckled remembering last night. After showering, i naturally went to my sisters room and dressed myself in black cotton and lace bikini panties, ankle socks, Botty denim shorts and a white long sleeve. I decided since I was h… Читать далее

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Another business trip

Анальный сексХардкорТрансы

Hi All, This incident fro a cpl of year ago. Once again as you all know i like to crossdress when alone on my work trips. So as it happens I was on a work trip in central india in the town of Indore and after reaching i checked into the hotel recommended by the client which was near to their office and in a central part of town. Well after checking in and after a good cold shower I called up my client to inform I had reached and fixed up the time fro meeting next morning. It was around 4pm and with nothing else to do i decided to walk around the market and get some nice lingerie for my self… Читать далее

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So check this, I’m Vee by now you should know me, since I always seem to be running my mouth about one thing or the other. What can I say, I like to hear myself talk. I’m 5’2 and about 180 but a nice lean ripped. I am a gym rat and I do take good care of myself. I was out doing my thing about, the hotels it was time for me to collect some overdue funds. I waited for that late night and I made my way into Mr. H. K Jo Yates, his some world renounce Doctor from Japan, China or Asia I always get those confused. He is a very well off and rich person has a VIP condo that never comes or stays. As I a… Читать далее

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The dream that woke me up

Анальный сексТрансыГрупповой секс

Fantasy ( the dream ) woke up with a dripping .... I heard a voice screaming my name... over and over until i saw a woman run towards me... i couldnt turn away i kept looking, the closer she got the more paralysed i felt. She took my hand and we ran towards a big building where i heard voices from woman who were giving others to people... like suck this... open wide... your ass is mine boy!!! It kinda scared me cause i knew what was going to happen if i kept following this woman... but some how i couldnt take my hand back my legs kept walking... we were inside the building guys were moaning s… Читать далее

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My second time same day (casual encounter)

Первый разГей мужчинаТрансы

The is a continuation of my last story. But on the same day. So when I got home from sucking my first cock I laid in bed with the taste of cum still in my mouth and my panties soaked in precum. Realizing it was still only 10:45 and I was home alone I opened my phone and went back on craigslist. I had nothing to lose, might aswell give it a shot. As I stroked my cock going through the m4m post a post caught my attention. A man was looking for a young bottom, his cock pick persuaded me. I immediately replied with a photo of my dressed in my outfit I still had on, I knew my 5,1 skinny figure in… Читать далее

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ТрансыАнальный секс

I had a really bad week. Actually, bad would be an understatement, shitty would be more appropriate. Problems after problems had punctuated my Days. I managed to get a new job as an assistant executive at an accountant firm. For some reason, I was the only man working in this office, and since I was the new guy they were bullying me. I thought that I might just need to pass the week and it would stop. I decided to change my mind by going to my favorite bar. It was a really popular one, it seems like the whole city was present in this multi floor boom box. Tall or short, fat, slim, ugly and… Читать далее

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