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My second wife Joyce

Joyce and I were together from 1980 til 1992.. When we got together she looked like she could pass for much younger, she was only four foot nine, and a very cute face with 36 B cup titties. She enjoyed showing off the fact that you could put a pencil under her tit and it would fall out because her tits were so firm. A fact that she proved to most of my friends very early on. She enjoyed going to bars and partying, loved dancing. On weekends we would go to the bars with some friends of mine. When I met her she was in a foster home and didn't have any friends of her own so everything we did was with old friends of mine, she didn't seem to mind in fact she enjoyed the attention, and believe me as cute as she was she got a lot of it. After getting lit up and letting her get worked up by dancing, usually some of my friends came along with us so she would dance with whoever would take her out on the dance floor. My buddies would rub their crotch up against her and grab whatever they could. She would go along with it because the attention really turned her on, and I didn't mind because it got her horny as hell. On some weekends after bar hopping for a few hours we would go to the drive-in for the midnight porn movies, Remember this was 1980 and 1981 so if you wanted to watch porn you went to a drive-in. I learned early on that she didn't like foreplay to much especially after a few drinks. She said it shortened the time that she could have "meat" (that's what she like to call a cock) in her.
After a while we started taking a friend along to the porn movies with us. At first she would let them play with her titties, since they all had seen them by now, Then she would let them suck on one titty while I sucked on the other. sometimes she would let certain ones put their hands down her pants and play with her pussy. I know at that time a lot of my friends were going home and jacking off from her getting them worked up. When my buddy Terry (you will read a lot more of him later) complained that the last time he went to the porno with us his nuts were hurting until he could get home and relieve himself. This turned Joyce on like crazy, the fact that someone was thinking of her while they jacked off. So the next time we went to the movies with Terry, after letting him play with her puss for a while she told him that she wanted to watch him jack-off, (she had discussed this with me before that night and I told her that I had no problem with it, that she could do anything that she wanted), He pulled out his cock and started jerking off while we watched him, I was rubbing Joyce's pussy at the time and I could tell that watching him really turned her on by how wet she was getting. After just a little while he shot his load, and it went all over the place,on the window, on the seat and even some on the side of Joyce's face, and on the side of her lip. When that happened she jumped but her pussy instantly became wetter than I have ever felt a pussy get before. She surprised me when she licked it off her lip and smiled. I told her that she could control where it went if she had given him a hand job instead. She said that she really liked that idea, so the next night which was a Saturday, the three of got together and went to the porn sober (first time we went sober). After a little time of playing with her titties I reminded her that it was her turn to give the hand job. When I stuck my hand down her pants her pussy was soaking wet, even wetter than the night before. I told Terry to feel how wet she was he stuck his hand down her pants, when he did she let out a moan and threw her head back. We were able to bring her to an orgasm by the both of us playing with her at the same time. Terry pulled his cock out and said your turn. Even in the low light in the car she was still able to get a good view of his cock, and wouldn't take her eyes off of it. She grabbed it and started moving her hand up and down on it. She started going faster and told him to let her know when he was going to cum so she could be ready, and that she could aim it for less of a mess. The whole time I was playing with her puss, it was so wet I thought she was going to cum again. It didn't take very long before Terry let out a loud moan and said "Here it comes," what she done next surprised both of us. She put her face a few inches over his cock and let him shoot all over it. She lifted her head up licking her lips and taking her fingers and moving as much of it to her mouth as she could. Then she lifted her shirt up and wiped the rest of it off. Looked at him and smiled then turned and looked at me and said she didn't want it to get all over the car. I told her that if I'd known she was going to do that I would've told her to give him a blow job. She said maybe next time. It was a couple of weeks before we could get to the drive-in again, but when we did we were all shit faced drunk, and Joyce was wearing a short skirt and a flimsy top with no bra. Her panties were already soaking wet, because the more we drank the more we kept teasing her about what was going to happen at the drive-in. Before we could even get parked Terry had her shirt unbuttoned and playing with her tits. After parking I leaned her back and raised her ass up and removed her panties so we could have free access to her pussy. She leaned over to undo Terry's pants and pulled his cock out and started to play with it while we both were finger fucking her. I pulled my cock out so she had one in each hand. One of us would rub the hood of her clit while the other was finger fucking her, and kept switching who was finger fucking her. After what seemed like only a few minutes she threw her head back and let out a few yelps, and then having the loudest and longest orgasm that I've ever heard her have. While she was cumming she was squeezing our cocks with a death grip. It took her a little while to collect herself, after several minutes she looked over at Terry and said your turn. Before she could lean over I went ahead and took her skirt and top the rest of the way off so I could lick her pussy while she was sucking Terry. She leaned over and was taking his cock and slapping herself on the face and licking it. I slid down and lifted her ass up so I could gain access to her pussy. The last thing I saw before burying my face was her smashing her face into his crotch while taking his cock as deep as she could (she was a great little cocksucker, could take a whole cock down her throat with no problem). I started fingering her asshole while tongue fucking her pussy, she started squirming her ass and pushing into my face. It didn't take very long and she started to have another orgasm, at the same time Terry started cumming in her mouth. He started fucking her face hard while shooting his load and she was moaning rather loud again. It was the first time that she had more than one orgasm during a sexual encounter. After swallowing all of what Terry unloaded in her, she raised her head up still panting. When she caught her breath, she said " Oh my god, that was fucking fantastic." I told her "We're not done yet, it's my turn now." She smiled and turned around so she could suck my cock. When she started licking on my cock Terry slid down to nearly on the floor, put one of her legs on the seat and hooked the other one on the gearshift. That gave him full access to her pussy. When she stuck my cock deep down her throat he leaned up and smashed his face in her pussy with his nose buried in her asshole. She raised her head up and started to say something, but I cut her off and said "It's only fair." She mumbled ok as she was sticking my cock back in her mouth. Terry was face fucking her pussy with his tongue stuck out as straight and hard as he could make pulling his head back and forth as fast as he could, with his nose slamming her asshole every time. After about ten minutes of that Joyce started moaning loudly again, she started moving her ass back and forth to the rhythm of Terry face fucking her I could tell that she was getting ready to cum again. I waited until she was just about to cum and I reached under her and grabbed one of her tits and started pinching her nipple. Within seconds she raised her head up and started moaning hard and loud. She laid her head down on my lap and was still licking my cock, I hadn't cum yet. Terry pulled his head back and leaned back against the door. After catching her breath again she resumed going down on my cock, she was determined to make me cum. Since her leg was still hooked on the gearshift she couldn't move it, so Terry reached up and started finger fucking her. After several minutes he started finger fucking her asshole while rubbing and pinching her clit hard. I took one hand and grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her face, and took the other hand and started pinching her nipple again. I couldn't last long after that and started to cum in her mouth. as soon as I came in her mouth she started cumming again. After a couple of loud screams and a few "oh gods" she collapsed With her face on my lap. Terry moved back up into the seat, unhooked her leg and slid over so he could lift her up and put her on his lap with her legs hanging over the seat in front of him. We sat there for a long while I was rubbing her head and running my fingers through her hair, while Terry was rubbing her ass and down the back of her legs. Nobody was saying a word. We were too exhausted. After about half an hour I started the car up and drove off leaving Joyce laying where she was. She didn't sit up until we got to
Terry's house to drop him off (he still lived with his parents at the time). She gave Terry time to pull his pants up, what she said and done shocked the shit out of both of us. She's still naked and leans over to Terry and plants a nice long open mouthed kiss. Handed him her underwear, and told him "Next time I want you to fuck me too." Terry got nervous and said "Only if it's ok with Dave." I told him " I didn't have any problem with it in fact I was looking forward to it, But we'll have to do it in our bed at the apartment so we can have room." Joyce agreed and Terry got out of the car and we drove home. We talked about it on the way home and she said that she had never felt that good in her life and she thinks with both of us fucking her she could take it to the next level, and I agreed. When we got home she was still too exhausted to put on her clothes so she walked up three flights of stairs nude, it was 2:30 in the morning so she was confident nobody would see her. Though Terry by far wasn't the only one to go to the drive-in with us, in our first two years together eight of my friends had went with us at one time or another. Almost all of them had went before the night she sucked Terry off she liked Terry the most so she wanted to try things with him first. She did eventually have sex with just about all the others, but that's another story.
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