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The Unspoken Game

Первый разЗрелыеТабу

Introduction: Bryce's and his step sister Samantha, start playing an inappropriate game. Mom catches them and things escalate. The Unspoken Game enjoy: The driveway was empty when I pulled in at the end of my academic school day. It was just starting to turn dark when I got out of the car and headed into the house, enjoying the calming sensation of the warm early summer breeze on my skin. It was good to finally be home after a long day of studying. I walked over to the front door, my heavy bag on my shoulder, and turned the knob. It was unlocked and I entered. I slid the car keys… Читать далее

Автор: lo0p00 3 дн. назад 14 14,315 98%

Peggy my wifes sister, road trip

Анальный сексХардкорТабу

So I got volunteered to drive with Peggy back upstate to her house to grab a few things and sort some shit out. We got up early, got a few bagels and hit the road. An hour into our 8 hour drive Peggy was asleep. She reclined the seat and kinda just sat there sleeping, her big titties bouncing over every bump. I figured i could have some fun. I may of fondled her boobs and rubbed her pussy through her pants while she slept. Another hour passed and Peggy woke up, needing to pee. We find a park that has a playground and a bathroom. I pull up next to door since we are the only car there. And of co… Читать далее

Автор: blsbls123 5 дн. назад 7 16,701 93%

Tied To The Table

ФетишВуайеризмМежрасовый секс

One evening my husband Tom asked if he could tie me naked to the kitchen table and fuck me. It seemed a bit silly but if that would make him happy, I didn't mind. He stripped me naked, blindfolded me and put a gag around my mouth. Bent me forward across the table, spread my legs wide and tied each ankle to a table leg. I was lying across the table with my arms either side of my head and my hands clutching the far edge of the table (It was a narrow table.). He then put rope around my wrists and tied the ends of the rope to the table legs on the far side. When I was trussed up like that, I fou… Читать далее

Автор: Atlantiz5 3 дн. назад 4 17,134 95%

My blond Mom

Первый разЗрелыеТабу

Doug is 18 years old, pretty average build, although a bit built from running track in High School. His mom had divorced his father when he was very young so he never really got to know him. She's 39 but still had an amazing body. She's 5'9, blue eyes, long blonde hair, about 130lbs, huge 38DD breasts, and legs that go on forever. She still took great care of her body and went running and swimming several times a week. Now that Doug was out of school she had a lot more free time to herself. Doug had always thought she was an attractive woman but was noticing her a lot more now that she had bee… Читать далее

Автор: deniadaniya10 5 дн. назад 6 12,958 96%

My Girl and Her Mom


I was introduced to i****t a little differently than most people. My first "i****t is best" experience was actually not i****t for me but for my girlfriend at the time. Her name was Kate and she was sexy as could be. She wasn't beautiful or elegant or anything like that, but she just had a look that was dead sexy. Kate was 5'8" with fire red hair that hung down to the middle of her back and bright green eyes that sparkled like none I have seen before or since. The only thing that kept Kate from being beautiful was her lack of curves. She was very skinny and did not have much in the way of brea… Читать далее

Автор: moneysex23 3 дн. назад 9,548 98%

My son's erection, a mother's Love.

Первый разГрупповой сексТабу

They stared as I walked down the isle and took my seat, my short dress and dark shade of stockings were what caught their attention, 'Boys will be men', I thought I as I adjusted my body into a more relaxed position for the journey ahead. Once my entrance had been made they went back to their normal boisterousness ways as teenage boys will be, initially ignoring everyone else, the sum total of which was me, and became louder and idiotic as boys are. When we pulled away from the platform the sudden realization that it was just the three of us in the carriage, I became more acutely aware o… Читать далее

Автор: Fridagirl 4 дн. назад 7 11,544 95%

3 Cousins

Первый разТабуМастурбация

3 Cousins I was rather young when my family and I went to a birthday party at my grandma’s house. All of my cousins on that side of the family are girls, and most of them are extremely attractive, Samantha included. She is around the same age as me, so we naturally always hung out during these family get-togethers. At that time she had long, blonde hair flowing down her back, usually in a ponytail, and I remember that she was wearing a white tee-shirt and shorts. She and I had retreated to the fifth wheel that my uncle owned, somewhere that we would sometimes go just to get away from… Читать далее

Автор: ElizabethDalton 4 дн. назад 5 8,080 95%

Shocked at the size of grandsons cock


Shocked By Size Of Grandson’s Cock Now the day after my daughter’s silver wedding anniversary party I have been left on my own looking after my youngest grandson while his parents have a few days away. The youngest of three at eighteen and not with the best of health since birth, he is also intellectually challenged with an age of a six year old and very clingy to his mom. It is best to ignore what he is doing wrong because he will do it even more. His latest habit is playing with himself in the shower in front of his mom. Since being small my daughter has showered with him and now thi… Читать далее

Автор: madjack1 4 дн. назад 7,609 95%

Early Years

Анальный сексТабуЗрелые

As most young men and woman as growing up you might hear your parents having sex down the hall. Well I am no exception to this, I can remember several times I had heard them and yes like every young boy I got hard and had to jerk off to them. One day I was home from school and was nosing around my parents room. I found a box under their bed on my dads side and well hell yes I opened it. WOW I found all types for adult magazines and two toys in it. I pulled the magazines out and under there I found naked pictures of my mom. For what ever reason I did not look at the magazines I looked through a… Читать далее

Автор: cowboywired 5 дн. назад 7 7,641 97%

My three sisters

Первый разГрупповой сексТабу

I am the only boy and have three sisters: Emma, Melissa, and Karyn. Melissa is the oldest one, and Emma and Karyn are fraternal twins, and a year younger than me. We grew up in a very backward, rural area, without a dad, and with a d***k for a mom. Our mom's brother was the only man we ever met in the family, and he was a violent abusive d***k. So much so that all I remember from him is how he'd kick our asses up and down the halls of our house. When I turned 12, I was finally big enough to not let him hurt us anymore, but it wasn't until the following year that I was at last big enough to b… Читать далее

Автор: adam8023 6 дн. назад 2 10,403 97%

My Uncle and Me (1)

ТабуГей мужчина

Growing up, my family moved around a lot, for my father’s work. One move put us in Florida, where my father’s family was - grandmother, two uncles, and several cousins. Due to my dad chasing work, we were always in decent shape financially. All of the relatives down there, though, lived in trailer parks. I spent a lot of time visiting those relatives in their double-wides. One year, in my teens, we moved south once again. My Uncle Vinny had lost his wife, Aunt Audrey, the year before, and my parents thought it might be nice for both of us if we spent time together. It was summer and school wa… Читать далее

Автор: QuantumDotXXX 6 дн. назад 14 4,904 94%

Brother's "Little" Problem

ЗрелыеПервый разТабу

I had come home from college for summer break, it was going to be good to see my family. This was only my second year away and I still got homesick. I pulled up to the house and when I walked through the door only my Mom got up to greet me. She came over and gave me a peck on the cheek, while my younger brother Steve, just stayed on the couch barely looking away from the TV to say “Hi”. My sister Rebecca, one year younger than Steve, walks out from her room says “How’s it going?” as she leaves the house. I spend most of the night catching up with Mom and find out what’s been going on. She s… Читать далее

Автор: moneysex23 22 ч назад 3 6,298 97%

In Pursuit of Mom

Первый разЗрелыеТабу

My Mom Tina, is 41 and attractive but difficult to get along with sometimes. She is medium height with long blonde hair and a beautiful face. Her Breasts are big, size 'D' and she loves to show off her cleavage. Her ass is nice to, a little big but in a hot way. The kind of ass you'd like to swat and watch jiggle for a second. She dresses to tease and not to please, she hasn't dated anyone in a few years now. My parents divorced when I was only 4, my Dad got frustrated with her selfishness and left her. My Dad is a great guy and we are close, I see him almost every week. He married again… Читать далее

Автор: lo0p00 1 день назад 2 6,175 100%

d***k Mom visits her Son


Introduction: Moms d***k and upset, needs a shoulder to cry on Mom is 39, her Son is 18 Danny and Kate was in the room watching a blue-ray movie on his new big screen TV. They laid next to one another holding hands. Danny thought that it may be his lucky night. This was his first night with Kate alone in his new apartment. He just moved in three weeks ago. He started work six months ago, after a small course at his uncles firm where they make computer software. He was looking forward for having sex with Kate, she walked around in her hot pants and tank top with no bra from the time sh… Читать далее

Автор: altaff143 6 дн. назад 1 7,657 100%

My Niece's Discovery!


I was thrilled to have Samantha come to visit me. I had really missed her since I moved away three years ago as a result of relocation due to my job. I loved to go shopping with her or to just chat. We were more friends than Aunt and Niece. When I met her at the airport I was shocked that she was now a young woman. "Aunt Connie!" She screamed as she ran to me "It is so good to see you Samantha! Oh my but you are all grown up now! I have missed you so much!" I said as I hugged her On the drive to my place she told me all about the happenings back home. The most delicious tidbit was the grow… Читать далее

Автор: dunediore 17 ч назад 3 3,395 100%

He filled her without my consent.

Межрасовый секс

i was away working and the wife would video call me every night just to catch up with me and tell me how her day was going, i kept telling her she should go out with her friends and have some fun, she told me it wasn't the same me not being there and if she went out she wouldn't have anything to come home to. i jokingly said get fixed up and bring him home. Jane said stop being daft i couldn't with out you being by my side, i said look Jane if you feel like you need to just do it. i was away for 3 weeks this time and it had only been a week and Jane said she was dying for me to come home she… Читать далее

Автор: naughtydarksecret 5 дн. назад 2 5,834 91%

Back to Black

ХардкорМежрасовый сексВуайеризм

My wife and I have been married now for five years. We both were married before and both have c***dren from our previous marriages. My wife is a very pretty tall blonde with green eyes and a great body. During sex we always use the rhythm method or I pull out and so far it has worked well. She doesn't like the pill because of the side effects. She loves to jog, keeps herself in good physical shape, and has a great figure 38-28-36. Her tits are 38C with silver dollar sized pinkish nipples and when they get hard the headlights come on, if you know what I mean. She has a belly button ring that r… Читать далее

Автор: hondo1906 7 дн. назад 2,786 100%

Back Dock

Гей мужчинаАнальный сексХардкор

I stood at the back dock of the resort where I worked with a cigarette between my lips wondering why I’d forgotten to ask for matches from the gas station clerk. This older man with a scruffy unshaven look to him was unloading kegs of beer from the back of his truck, alone. “Can I help you at all?” My endlessly kind nature always pulled me toward people regardless of their size. He was large and clearly able, but I hated to simply stand and watch him work. I had just clocked out for the night and was waiting for my ride. He turned to see this skinny younger man soaking the filter of a Pyramid… Читать далее

Автор: BoyWhoCanDoBoth 3 дн. назад 9 4,531 90%

Bisexual MMF

Анальный сексГей мужчинаГрупповой секс

When I was about 24 years old I decided to have a look around my old neighbourhood, when I got there some new houses had been built so for me to gain access to a certain waterfall I had to stand on someone’s property. I knocked on the door and an older man answered I asked if I could and he said it was Ok. After I’d taken some photo’s I knocked on his door to say thanks and he invited me in for a coffee, as we sat in his kitchen talking he seemed to look at me in a strange way. He was John, 55 and retired. After about half an hour I stood up and said “Thanks again” as I made my way towards… Читать далее

Автор: smallcock 5 дн. назад 4 4,227 96%


Лесбийский сексПервый разГрупповой секс

An invite to my neighbor Lisa's house for tonight. Lisa and I can best be described as "Neighbors with Benefits". It had been a month or so since we had matching schedules. I can say, I was really anxious for what this night could bring. The evening came and we went out for a quick dinner and some drinks. While there, Lisa kept excusing herself and would go outside and make phone calls. "Is there something wrong?" I asked after she came back from one of her trips. "Oh, no, nothing wrong. One of my friends is just going through something. I'm just trying to help her, you know." she replied.… Читать далее

Автор: baystatebill 5 дн. назад 4,015 100%

Uncles and Strangers, the best Sex ever.


As c***dren of parents who were brought up in the light of entertainment play acting and role-plays were always in the forefront of our free times as was nudity and witnessing sex. d**gs were always in the background as was hard liqueur and men with an eye for a fresh faced girl like myself were always lurking and exposing themselves and you learned which men you could chastise and those you dare not, mother was very clear on that point and I would see her sneak into a bedroom or behind a door with some man for a few minutes, then she would be happy, as was daddy, because she landed a small… Читать далее

Автор: Fridagirl 7 дн. назад 5 3,645 100%

Meeting the Maddisons

Анальный сексТабу

"Aw dad, do I really have to go? It'll be really boring and stuffy with people talking business and politics and stuff." "Yes Jim, it's a f****y invitation and the Maddisons want to see you. They haven't seen you since school finished and they want to keep in touch." Truth was I was really a bit scared of going to the Maddisons. The Maddison twins Mark and Andy had been a year ahead of me at school. They had been the superstars of school sport – champion rugby players, state champion rowers – everybody had been in awe of them. They walked around the school like young kings. They were nic… Читать далее

Автор: Stu5360 5 дн. назад 2 4,163 95%

a trip to a public toilet

Анальный сексФетишГей мужчина

I'd heard about the cottage, but hadn't dared to venture. What if someone saw my car? What if someone saw me? What if someone knew me? Eventually I plucked up enough courage and drove to the car park near the toilets. I sat and waited and watched. There were two other cars in the car park. In the fading light they both appeared to have someone sat in the drivers seats. No one had entered the cottage and no one was moving. It was make your mind up time and if I didn't go in now I'd never pluck up courage again. I got out of the car, locked it, and without looking at the other two cars headed i… Читать далее

Автор: mickymoist 6 дн. назад 2 2,443 100%



When I got divorced and was finally living alone I had many fun times getting fucked all I could by both men and women. I was always dressed when home and loved to stay that way all weekend long and would just put on some pants over my outfit to go shopping sometimes with a coat or shirt over my open cup bra depending on the weather. I was at the store one day when I saw my neighbor with her k**s shopping and looking for some food and said hello. She was a little nervous to see me and finally said hello and then I could hear her tell her two daughters that sorry, but she only had a few dollars… Читать далее

Автор: crossdresser55 3 дн. назад 6,181 91%

my sister's little sectret (part 2)

ТабуМастурбацияПервый раз

Continuing the story of my close friendship with my older sister…. After our first encounter, when we both discovered our addiction to masturbation, my sister and I had settled into a fairly regular and furtive affair. She was often asked by my mother to get me up for school, and she devised a wicked and risky way to do this…. She would slip silently into my bedroom, and slide her hand under the covers, and begin to fondle my balls, and rub her hand over my cock, which would respond immediately, and, whilst sitting on my bed, she would take my hand and slip it under her nightie, where I would… Читать далее

Автор: mannamookie 6 дн. назад 1 4,491 100%

Adultr shop sex

Групповой сексЗрелые

My husband decided that we needed some sexy adventures at our local adult book store. This particular store is run by some friends that we met at a swing party. They have set it up with porn video viewing rooms in the back, glory holes between the men's and women's rest rooms. So there's always a few horny guys who get a big grin on their faces and a big lump in their crotches, when we come in the door. Now my BF knows that I am a nympho slut, who likes getting gang-banged and passed around by strange men. Once I get started, I get more and more excited as each guy gets a turn fucking my pussy… Читать далее

Автор: er14424 3 дн. назад 1 3,621 100%

Glory Hole Voyeur

Гей мужчинаПервый разЗрелые

Benjamin, who was 68 (to my 28), loved sucking young guys cocks. I had been aware of his 'reputation' in that regard for sometime. It seemed as if all the young guys my age that I knew in my neighborhood, had, more than a few times, allowed this considerably older guy to suck their cock. I hadn't, however. My two best friends, Tyler and Shane, had both been to Benjamin's home for some (according to them) awesome blow jobs. So, I admit, I was naturally curious! "Oh man!" Tyler had said, on more than one occasion, "that old geezer is like a fucking vacuum cleaner when he sucks you off! Ya ju… Читать далее

Автор: DickLover59 3 дн. назад 4 3,387 91%

My beautiful

ЗрелыеПервый разТабу

It was a hot Monday in June when I trudged wearily home from my job. My father works away and though he sends home as much as he can, it isn't a lot. Therefore, my mom needs my money to make ends meet and I have become, I suppose, the head of the family. My mom was preparing lunch for me in the kitchen. It was just a normal day like hundreds of others and I still don't understand what happened to change my life. I said hello to her and she nodded in reply. Dropping my bag, I went to my room to change from my work clothes. When I came out to sit in the lounge, I saw my mom still working at… Читать далее

Автор: money8023 3 дн. назад 1 8,106 91%

Pam a Horny Mother

Групповой сексХардкорТабу

Chapter 1 Hello let me tell you about myself my name is John Carter and I have just turned 18. I live with my Mother Pam she is 38 years old 5 feet 8 inches in height with long black hair and green eyes. She as a great figure with nice long legs and nice rounded ass. Her best part of her body is her big breasts I think they are a double D. My Father was in the army and was killed in a training accident while he was serving in Northern Island. That was ten years ago. I miss him very much and I know my mom does too. So it’s just me and mom. She has had a few boyfriends over the la… Читать далее

Автор: altaff143 6 дн. назад 5 7,117 91%

Trucker Cock

Гей мужчинаМастурбацияЗрелые

After closing the flimsy plywood 'door' behind me, it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the dimness. The monitor on the wall in front of me flickered into life as the video I'd selected out front began to play. But, the video wasn't the real reason I'd come to the adult bookstore! I'd come in order to hopefully get the chance to suck a cock! I hadn't done that in well over three months, and though I was a married guy, I loved sucking cock (something my wife would have not approved of had she known)! Now that my eyes were adjusted to the dimness of the booth, I could see the round… Читать далее

Автор: DickLover59 5 дн. назад 7 2,561 100%

The Couple and The Virgin Neighbor Boy

Первый разГрупповой сексХардкор

My name is Josh and I’ve been happily married with Millie for 6 years. Having been sweethearts since high-school, we never had a lot of previous experiences and we were both a bit shy then, but eventually developed a wonderful sexual relationship and very pleasurable sexual skills. Millie was raised in a very conservative, strict, religious family, so I was very pleased to see the hot woman she turned out to be in bed. Our adventure began when I was fired 1 year ago, blame the economy, and we had to leave our nice loft in a trendy area and move to an old and very small house. I am an IT pro… Читать далее

Автор: altaff143 6 дн. назад 3 4,285 100%

20 Years of Infidelity Part 2

ТабуЗрелыеПервый раз

The next morning in the kitchen Jason was all over me as soon as we heard the water running for his dad's shower. He was developing a real knack for deep kisses. His hands were definitely attached to a teenager though as I found my tits and ass pawed and squeezed. When he broke our kiss long enough to ask if he could stay home again today I was finally able to get control of his hands and holding them away had to shake my head, no. He looked as sad as only a 16 year old just deflowered teen can look when denied sex. I told him it was only because he'd worn me out yesterday. He didn't catch th… Читать далее

Автор: cme2bleve 6 дн. назад 2 2,589 100%

First Time I'am His Bitch Now Gay

ФетишПервый разГей мужчина

"So, what made you decide to post your ad online tonight?" he asked as I we walked down the hall of my apartment building. "I don't know," I replied. "I guess I am just really horny and wanted to try something new." I knew, though, why I decided to post the ad that read "28 year old male looking to have sex with a man for the first time. Please, be open to fucking and being fucked." I have been playing around with anal play since my senior year of high school. I skipped school one day and decided to check my sister's room to see if she had any porn. In the back of her closet I found tw… Читать далее

Автор: 425olds 3 дн. назад 2 3,044 86%


ХардкорМежрасовый сексЗрелые

So this woman responded to my ad looking for a mature juicy white woman. She lived about a half hour away but I didn’t mind the drive. When I pulled up to the address she lived in a small duplex home. I texted her and told her I was out front and she told me to just walk in the door. I walked up to the door and walked in and she was in the living room waiting for me. She was wearing short denim shorts and a long t shirt. She had long curly brown hair a huge round ass and huge tits but her face wasn’t much to look at. She had to be around 50. We made small talk while she led me down the hall to… Читать далее

Автор: smashdbybudlight 5 дн. назад 2,718 86%

A walk in the woods

Групповой сексВуайеризм

My wife and I love out door sex and when it was nice and warm we would go out for a drive and take a walk in the countryside and we would enjoy a good sex session out in the woods etc and the risk of getting caught and/or watched turned us on a lot. On a few occasions we did have a guy or 2 watch us. Awsome. I always wanted more guys watching us and would have loved 5, 6 or more watching and wanking but Jill was, not surprisingly, more nervous about that idea. Just to paint a picture, Jill is in her late 50’s, 5’4”, slim, a sexy 36C 24 35 figure and gorgeous. (If I can supply photos on here wi… Читать далее

Автор: reb22 4 дн. назад 6 2,517 94%

The swimming pool Part 3

Гей мужчинаПервый разМастурбация

Having been seduced by the older guy, John, at the swimming pool, and been introduced to female sex by his mature female friend, I was beginning to enjoy all the pleasures that life had to offer this horny teenage boy ….. I decided to branch out and put myself in situations where I could experience different, and exciting sexual encounters. I realized, early-on, that older men were keen to hook up with a young guy, and be the first ones to “show them the ropes”, so I took to playing the part of a naive, but curious teen, keen to explore …. I was constantly horny, and could cum two or three tim… Читать далее

Автор: mannamookie 4 дн. назад 4 1,867 100%

It's Only Lust


Here is Chapter two   Chapter two It’s Only Lust I have known this lady, standing in front of me for well over thirty years. In the early years when we met for a family function our greeting was usually a hug. As the years past bye we graduated to a quick kiss on a cheek. Now as we stood face to face with our lips locked it dawned on me that not many years ago we had begun kissing each other on the lips when saying our hello. Joyce’s grip on the back of my head was strong. Our lips mashed together and I was losing the tongue battle. There was now no separation between our bodies and my… Читать далее

Автор: hardwayone 3 дн. назад 1 2,873 100%

1st Gay Experience

Гей мужчинаАнальный сексПервый раз

I was over at a friends house for guys weekend. I was up early Saturday and went downstairs to watch TV, so I wouldn't wake anyone up. Nothing was on cable, so I checked what else was on, Net Flix, etc.... There was TIVO, so I checked what movies were on there. I found one that was marked ”football”. The movie started with a bunch of guys playing touch football then they started slapping each others asses and making out feeling each other up and taking each others clothes off. I knew I should shut it off and put cable on again, but I started to get real horny and continued to watch the guys in… Читать далее

Автор: lovejackn 6 дн. назад 3 3,385 100%

Slutty Kindergarten Teacher Cheats on Husband - Pa

Групповой сексЛесбийский сексВуайеризм

ANNIE'S STORY MATT After the loft session with Alison and Matt, I changed from a prim and proper wife and Kindergarten teacher to a cum slut. I was in love with Matt and he with me. All the following week, we called each other daily, oftentimes, more than once. He would call me from work when I got home from school and talk dirty to me. He always asked me what I was and I always answered, "Your little slut". He would tell me to play with myself and I would do as told. I would get naked and lay on the bed and fondle my tits and finger fuck myself. Sometimes, Matt wanted me to use my vibrator… Читать далее

Автор: BOBBYWALTERS 3 дн. назад 4 11,744 76%

20 Years of Infidelity Part 3

Первый разЗрелыеХардкор

Even a weird norm can become normal. Jason and I came to look forward to our two to three hours of after school fucking. I was both sad and glad to have that huge cock for only two hours a day. Glad because after our initial sex marathon my pussy lips were left sore and swollen. No way I could have taken another eight to nine hours of hard sex again right after that. Sad because I really, really wanted to try! Ah well, I knew I'd have other opportunities and, boy, was I right! For the next month my entire schedule revolved around those hours after school before my husband came home. If Jason… Читать далее

Автор: cme2bleve 6 дн. назад 4 2,169 94%

Our wedding anniversary with BEST MAN Brett

Групповой сексЗрелыеТабу

Our anniversary with the BEST MAN Brett I was excited when Agness and I both were invited to Brett's for our anniversary. I wasn't sure if I was to be invited tonight. I know that Brett likes being alone with my wife Agness. Maybe my watching the Best Man take my wife and her making me clean and suck him on my wedding anniversary was why I got the invite. For whatever reason, I was grateful. There is nothing better than a night with Brett doing whatever he wishes with my wife and I. We had discussed before about getting masquerade mask for Agness to wear while I video Brett making lo… Читать далее

Автор: Adakcal 7 дн. назад 17 1,645 100%

My First Time

БДСМПервый разГей мужчина

It was the end of the summer and still very humid and warm. I was waiting for Mac to pic me up, we met on Glist and other than endless emails and nasty pictures sent to each other we had never met. mac texted me he was outfront in his truck. i was so nervous having never been with a man but maybe that night that would change. over the past three months i admitted my deepest darkest fantasies to Mac. I sent him pictures of my shaved smooth body and he loved them and he sent me back pictures of his dick and i liked them alot. Well i… Читать далее

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When I got divorced back in 1987 I was a very horny man that had not had sex in many years. I had always liked to dress up in nylons etc and learned long ago that I was Bi and liked cocks and pussy. When I finally got my own place after the divorce I almost always would lay around the house dressed in nylons garter belt high heel sandals sheer panties and a baby doll. I always kept my toes painted red and sometimes on long weekends would also paint my nails on my hands red. I would spend most days playing with my toys fucking my ass and jacking off my cock and shooting nice loads of cum all ov… Читать далее

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Meeting the Maddisons 2

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For the rest of the dinner I had trouble keeping my eyes off the delicious Laura Maddison. Every time I looked at her I could imagine streams of sperm streaking her face. I could see her breasts with rivers of cum running over them. I saw her mouth open wide to take in a huge cock. What I'd seen in the photos just wouldn't get out of my mind. I tried hard to keep my attention on the attractive lady opposite me. Her breasts were clearly unfettered by a bra and I knew her dress left her back completely bare, all the way down to the start of her ass crack. I wondered if her ass cleavage showed… Читать далее

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High School Teacher Scandal

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"Damn! You my sweet bitch, ain't you? You sure know how to lick some good pussy, girl." Megan raised her head from between Kathy's black thighs. She didn't make eye contact, just starred off into space, detached. A stray black pube was glued to her cheek and the musty stench of Kathy's muff filled her nostrils and mouth. Kathy stroked her blonde hair as she stared into her ice blue eyes. "You still missin' them football players, snowflake? Ha! Damn! They must've fucked you good. Why don't you ever tell me about 'em?" Megan didn… Читать далее

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Back to Black 2

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It has been three months since I shared the story about my wife and our encounter called back to black. My wife and I fulfilled our fantasies of seeing her get stroked royally by a big black dick. We found a guy who lived in the next town over; in the same town as where my wife commuted to work. He was good looking, 6'2" tall, had a very good body and was very confident. His name is Edward and we had a great time. He was perfect--his ebony skin and her milky white body. Since that time, we found out that my wife is pregnant-- about three months and she is beginning to show. She looks beaut… Читать далее

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Craigslist ad got me the hard ass pounding I was c

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*The following isn’t a fantasy story. Everything events related happened to me, for real* ++++++++++++++++++*****************++++++++++++++++++ PART 1 ++++++++++++++++++*****************++++++++++++++++++ To begin, let me tell you a bit more about myself and how I ended up being fucked raw, just a few hours after my gf had broke up with me. It was the end of July 2017. I was visiting my parents that lives a province away, in Montreal.. The night before I drove back home to see my gf, she sent me an email telling me that she wanted to break up and that she didn’t wanted us to live to… Читать далее

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Double trouble at lunch (true story)

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I was recently doing some work for a client who just brought a large state house in the Somerset countryside. I had never met him in person, all business had been done over the phone and via email. After a couple of months of work he invited me to lunch to personally thank me for everything I had done. I gratefully accepted and we arranged to meet in a restaurant the following week. The restaurant he chose was exclusive and owned by a famous chef near where he lived. I decided to go and buy a new skirt suit for the occasion and picked a navy skirt that showed my pert bum perfectly. I matched t… Читать далее

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20 Years of Infidelity Part 7

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I sat up shakily with Frank's help. I swear to God my pussy had never been frigged so well by anyone. Frank handed me another cold beer and we shared it. Looking around I saw many around us grinning in our direction. Guess they had no doubt what had just happened. One guy lifted his bottle in salute to us. One woman looked jealous. 'You are feeling good,' Frank asked. I told him I was feeling really good. Wheh... I've never had a guy frig my pussy so well. Just thinking of his touch made a muscle clench and release in my gut. Wheh... Well, having a public orgasm was something I could check of… Читать далее

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GF turns me into a Black Cock Whore GAY

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After that first night I was so sore and satisfied, we continued with our strapon play doing it in every possible position: standing up, doggy, missionary, and sideways. She was really into it and loved talking raunchy. Then she stopped using the strapon altogether and shortly after that we stopped having sex for a couple of weeks. I was getting nervous that she might be having second thoughts about the direction our sex life took. A few more days passed and I decided to bring up the subject. “Honey is something wrong?” I asked. “No, why what’s up?” she replied. “Well … it’s just th… Читать далее

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