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gloryhole mistake.

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I have always been a very horney guy. My wife on the other hand is fairly reserved althought she loves getting her pussy licked and really gets into it once she is hot. I have always been a little kinky and kept pushing my wife to be more advernitious. Last month I finally talked her into going to an adult bookstore with me in Louisville. She had never been to one and was emparresed to go but i finally convinced her to try it. We arrived at the bookstore and began to look at the video's and toys. There were a couple of young guys in there and they were eyeing my wife. She got embarresed and s… Читать далее

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My Foster Mom


When I was 17 I had to go to a foster care service, I was only months away from my 18th Birthday. My life at home wasn’t good and I was taken from there, it was that or jail I guess. Then I moved in with Foster Parents. Mr. Reynolds was OK, but he worked a lot and I hardly saw him, Mrs. Reynolds, “Mom” as she wanted me to call her was nice also but a little weird. Weird as neurotic, about cleanliness, they never had c***dren of their own and I was the 4th c***d that they had taken in since beginning their Foster Parent Career. Since they were older, around mid-to late 50’s I didn’t really know… Читать далее

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— Mom's sister is a nymphomaniac

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"Come right in, Jefferey. My! You're right on time! I'm afraid I'm running a bit late. Excuse my getup, but I had to press my dress after I had already gotten dolled up for my date. Help yourself to whatever's in the fridge while I finish getting ready." My mother's hot sister kept droning on about this and that, yada yada yada, while walking back away from me toward the ironing board set up in the family room. When you're almost nineteen, you've seen a lot of women iron clothes, maybe, but in my case, this was the first time I saw one do it in a garter belt and tiny little lace bra. Things s… Читать далее

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Brother cocks his injured sis

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"Billy...your sister's hurt honey," were Mom's first words when I picked up the phone. "What's wrong? What happened?" I demanded, the hard-on throbbing in my hand completely forgotten. "She fell...broke her leg, and her ankle...she just called from the hospital." "So she's okay...crikee, I thought for a second you meant...hell, what'd she say?" "She was doped up...she didn't make a lot of sense...I've just left work...I'll call" "Can I help...I can come with you," I interrupted. "I'm calling from the car ...I'm already on I-65 honey, I'll be in West Lafayette in ninety minutes. I'll cal… Читать далее

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Aunt Paula

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Aunt Paula was in her mid-50s when Uncle Roger died. My family lived about 75 miles from them near the Oregon – California border. They had never had any c***dren and my mother didn’t want Aunt Pasla to be alone after the funeral, so I was volunteered to stay with her for a couple of weeks or so. Aunt Paula is a retired Jr. High School teacher, and a rather large boned woman. With Monster Sized tits that must weigh 30 pounds each, at least in my eyes they looked like it, I was only 18 at this time. And was on my first summer va… Читать далее

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My Parents

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I grew up in a small little Texas town, we lived in a very small old farm house just on the edge of town. I remember numerous times hearing my parents having sex in the next room. We did not have doors to our rooms. My dad had installed some louvered doors like the ones you put on a closet or pantry door. We had one bathroom and to get to it you had to go through my parents room. You could also get to their room via the kitchen. I remember this one time laying in my bed hearing my parents going at it. My mom was very vocal while having sex and my dad was one of special encouraging words. This… Читать далее

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My Sister's Mother in law


My sister has been married for the last 25 years to a fairly nice guy, he doesn’t work much, but he is nice enough. His Mom and Dad are really good people, I like them a lot. I really like his Mom, she is a real sweetheart, and will go out of her way to make everyone happy. I know she sure made me happy! I’ve had a crush on her since the first time I saw her, knowing nothing would ever become of it, I thought! I hadn’t been back to see them in years since getting married and moving myself, and decided it was past time to go there for a visit. There was only one place to stay, and that was at… Читать далее

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My sexy mother in law


My girlfriend and i, later to become my wife, were fooling around one day, we were in her parents house at the time, we were kissing each other and feeling each other's bodies, even though we were still fully clothed. I was rubbing her cunt over knickers, making her rather wet, i then slipped a couple of fingers inside her knickers, and slid them into her wet cunt, she whispered in my ear that she was cumming, burying her face into my shoulder to stiffle her orgasmic groans, we didn't want her family, who were in the next room, to know what we were up to. In the meantime my girlfriend had rele… Читать далее

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My Aunt Mel

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Aunt Melanie is going to turn 62 this summer. She’s a hard woman and has always been extra hard on me. I remind her of my Uncle Dale, her now dead husband. He was a joker and her being always serious about everything. I really miss him we had such great times acting like fools just to make people laugh at family reunions and such gatherings. It always drove Aunt Melanie crazy at out our antics. After his death a few years ago she really went off the deep end with her seriousness, I mean, if she ever smiled her face would probably break or something. I always went to her house on weekends to s… Читать далее

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Sister helps brother out on a rainy day.

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A Family Vacation: what a brilliant idea. I only got two weeks off a year, and I was spending one of those weeks in a cabin in the Olympic Mountains with my Mom and Dad and my two older brothers. And it was still raining. It was Sunday morning, and our parents and Jessie had gone to church, and wouldn't be back before noon. Stefan and I were left by ourselves in the cabin, with nothing much to do with ourselves. It might have been fun to go for a hike, but it was pouring outside. The others had taken the car, so it wasn't as if we could escape into town either. There wasn't even a tv in the p… Читать далее

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Her Daddy at Last

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When Keith came home he noticed that the house was completely dark except for a light upstairs. It seemed to be coming form his stepdaughter's room. He wondered what Heather was doing home so early since it was only eight o'clock in the evening. He tried to remember the last time he saw her at home on a weeknight. He parked his car in the garage and made his way into the kitchen. Keith turned on the light and then noticed a piece of paper on the counter. Hospital called and needed me to work the night shift. I'll be home at 8 am. Dinner is in the microwave. Pam Keith frowned. Pam was worki… Читать далее

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Fucked by shemale

ТрансыГей мужчина

I've always thought myself as a straight guy. However, I always fantasised about serving a big cock. The problem was that I didn't fancy guys. That is when I came across shemale porn, OMG, what could be better?! A hot ass girl with a huge cock. Unfortunately, convincing shemales that aren't escorts are hard to come by, if not impossible. I started scouring escort sites and found a local shemale offering her services. She was Latino, 5"10, big tits, and best of all, and 8inch cock. I was really nervous on the way but excited at the same time. I knocked on the door and found a stunning speci… Читать далее

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My sister love

ХардкорТабуПервый раз

Lisa pulled into the driveway of the very familiar home she knew so well. Her mother was going to Denver for three months and convinced her to move back home and keep an eye on the house but more importantly-keep an eye on Michael, her younger brother. Lisa had enjoyed her apartment and the peace and solitude it gave her but she also had a yearning to come home, which puzzled her, yet she knew the reasons deep down inside herself. Being twenty-five and yet some might have mistaken her for being forty-five or even fifty by the way she dressed. However, she had a beauty that was just hidden awa… Читать далее

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My Hot StepSister

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The night was young when my pretty little step-sister walked down the stairs in her little skimpy shorts and tank top asking for a back massage. This was new to me, because I had always been a shut-in and never had girls ask me for anything but the answer to number 6. This was extremely rare and I decided to jump on it with as much enthusiasm as I could. "Yea Amanda!" I croaked as I nearly jumped off the couch. "Great," she said, "soccer really has me tensed up." I looked down at her smooth tan legs and realized for the first time that my step-sister was actually... Well, she was hot! As… Читать далее

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My Mother in Laws Deal

ЗрелыеХардкорАнальный секс

I married my beautiful blonde wife Tina when we were both still fairly young, we fell in love in college, waited until we were living in our own place, and then got married a year or so later. For the next few years we were very happy and things were going well, but then we got busy with work, Tina began to talk about wanting to have c***dren before we were to old, and suddenly there was a lot pressure and issues we had never faced before, and unfortunately that's when I made a mistake. It was a stupid, stupid mistake that happened because I decided one day to try and drink my problems away, t… Читать далее

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I Honestly Thought She was my Wife!

ФетишПервый разСекс юмор

I Honestly Thought She was my Wife! Getting home early after a hard weeks work. I parked my car in the garage and relaxed. On Fridays my attractive wife is normally home way before me, unless she has gone shopping with her older sister; by 18 months. Being horny I fire up our old computer. When it builds up a head of steam I type in Xhamster Stories. After a couple of stories I watch a couple of video clips only stopping when I hear my wife’s car pull onto the drive. I peek out the window to see she is bending over the boot sorting out the shopping. Then I notice ‘THAT’ shirt! I told… Читать далее

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Mother's Stories - Part 1 Jane's First T


1. Jane's Testimony Well I'd better tell you a little about myself first. I'm a recently abandoned single mum – my husband had left me about a year before this all happened. He went off with another woman, someone he worked with. So it was just me and my teenage son at home. It took me quite a while to cotton on what my son was up to. It was when I noticed a pattern developing. You see, several times a week I would have a wash in our kitchen, which is downstairs. We are short of money so I only heat certain rooms in the winter, and we heat our water using an immersion heater, so I ration bath… Читать далее

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My sweet Aunt Jean


My name is Richard Jennings. My friends call me Rick. My family calls me Richie. I'm a sophomore in college majoring in Business Administration. I carry a 3.7 average. I'm also on the wrestling team. I'm six feet three inches tall and weigh around two hundred twenty pounds. My record is 19 wins and 2 losses. I've never been pinned. I say in good shape, because of my wrestling and from helping my Dad. He's a master carpenter. As soon as I could walk I was helping him with all of his home projects.. OK, I got in the way most of the time. Every time he laid down a tool I picked it up. As I grew… Читать далее

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My Favorite Gloryhole Memory

Анальный сексГей мужчинаГрупповой секс

I had been working late on a frustrating building project where I wasn't making any money. The only good thing about it was that it was within easy walking distance of my favorite adult bookstore. I cleaned out my ass with an enema and lubed myself up with Crisco so I'd be ready for anything sexy. When I got to the bookstore I was greeted by the shopkeeper who I'd serviced with my mouth and hot tight ass many times so he clued me in on which booth was out of order and just had a light on constantly and a number of strategically placed glory holes. He enjoyed coming back to the booths to watch… Читать далее

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Wasted bbw inlaw out cold


I am living at my brothers place right now and him and his wife love to drink, i admit i love to drink as well but they drink to get wasted. My brother left town for business and when he leaves he's away for a while, my sister in law is a short BBW with long wavy brunette hair, glasses and big 38 DD Tits (I know that by looking at her bra on the towel rack after she took a shower) and thick muscular legs and calves that she loves to show off by wearing short shorts. I like to fantsise about fucking her while shes wasted and my brother is away on buisness, id imagine i was on top taking control… Читать далее

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Fucked by shemale

ТрансыАнальный сексГей мужчина

I've always thought myself as a straight guy. However, I always fantasised about serving a big cock. The problem was that I didn't fancy guys. That is when I came across shemale porn, OMG, what could be better?! A hot ass girl with a huge cock. Unfortunately, convincing shemales that aren't escorts are hard to come by, if not impossible. I started scouring escort sites and found a local shemale offering her services. She was Latino, 5"10, big tits, and best of all, and 8inch cock. I was really nervous on the way but excited at the same time. I knocked on the door and found a stunning speci… Читать далее

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What a Joy


How this all happened I will never fully understand, but I'm not going to gripe about it. I'm married to a wonderful woman, and into a great family. We have always gotten along with each other, we have out fall outs now and then, but what family doesn't? Having been married for 15 years, it's needless to say our sex life had died down tremendously. It isn't that we don't still love each other, but with the k**s in school and other activities we are all involved in, there just never seems to be enough time in the day for us. My wife Karen, is heavily involved with her work, the c***dren's s… Читать далее

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Paying the Rent


I'd been renting an apartment from Ms Jones for a short while, the amazingly sexy middle aged land lady of several apartments. I will always remember the first time I met her to view the apartment, her stunning natural beauty, attire and aroma had me transfixed on her, she could have rented me any apartment! Ms Jones was a tall slender woman with flowing natural dark red hair, about 5'8" in height, long legs and a killer ass. Her figure must have been 36c-24-34 and hour glass in shape, he legs where well toned and her ass just seemed to bounce, but what stuck me most was her face, small pert… Читать далее

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The Soccer Mom next door

ЗрелыеХардкорСекс юмор

I live in a typical quiet neighbourhood on the edge of a busy town, my neighbours are all typical busy working families with 2.4 c***dren and mortgage, where as I am a single guy in my early thirties. Now my neighbours to the right of me, John and Lucy Bennet are that typical perfect couple I was talking about, John works in office in town for a financial company making good money, Lucy is a the perfect stay at home mom with one k** at junior school, and between bake sales and soccer practice spends most of her time making sure her house is perfect. Then one day it seem their luck changed, Joh… Читать далее

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Mother's Stories 2 - Anna's 1st

ТабуПервый разЗрелые

(You'll need to read "Part 1 - Jane's testimony", first. Honest!) 2. Anna's Testimony I'm so glad you were able to talk about this Jane, as I have a similar story to tell. I, too am ashamed but feel a kind of addiction to what I have done. Like you, I am a single mother, my husband died a couple of years ago. We had had a good sex life, quite adventurous and fun, he liked me to dress up in nice lingerie and so on. He had bought a number of sex encyclopedias and some pornographic stuff from shops in Soho, and we enjoyed looking at the pictures together, though they never really showed much, j… Читать далее

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Slut: I want to be a Slut Wife. part 1


This story is loosely based on the accounts of a tale regaled to me by the leading lady in the following: The story has been approved by the lady in question. I hope you enjoy her terrific sexual antics. A simple introduction, my name is Amanda and my husbands name is Steve. We’ve been married for ten wonderful years now, some good, some bad, but we've always maintained total honesty with each other. Our sex life was the original fireworks party in the early days but like most other couples it kind of took a back seat a few years back. I would probably have soldiered on, that is until I saw… Читать далее

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Mother struggles with her son's deep desires

ЗрелыеПервый разТабу

"Oh my God!" That was all I could think when he asked me. When I told my son I wanted to give him something special for the holidays, the last thing I expected him to do was point and say, "those mom." I looked at him like he was crazy or maybe I was because he couldn't have been pointing to my breasts, so I mumbled something and just looked at him. He was staring back into my eyes and he kissed my cheek and said, "Mom, "You're so beautiful...just once, I'd like to touch you." I heard it right. I guess the sane thing to do would have been just to laugh as if it was a joke and walk away but I… Читать далее

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First time at a black club

Межрасовый секс

I was invited to a dance by a friend. She told me that I would have a wonderful time. I was just divorced and really needed to get laid so i agreed to go. I didn’t know that it was a club where mostly black men hung out. I wore a mini skirt with a satin blouse with no bra I had a black thong on with high heels. My skirt was very short and had a slit down one side. When we got to the club Ann told me that the men there were really hung and if I was lucky I would find one for tonight. I had never been with a black man but was willing. We went in and the place was full with several people danci… Читать далее

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The mother-daughter tease

ТабуЗрелыеПервый раз

Make sure to get your homework done before cheer practice sweetie.” I said to my daughter Alissa before I tossed my bag full of school supplies on the living room couch. It had been a long stressful day, though as an elementary school teacher just about everyday is stressful. It is all worth it though to hear my young students tell me the one phrase that lifts my heart every time, “I love you Ms. Kelli”. I preferred them to call by my first name in that way, it made the connection feel deeper, and just about all of them said that phrase to me today. I had no time to dawdle though, as a ful… Читать далее

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My Sexy Aunt Lucy pt 1


My mother’s brother, Uncle Joe, passed away suddenly. He was only 37. My mother was taking it pretty hard. The holidays were approaching and it would not be the same. He was 12 years younger than her and only 7 years older than me. Mom loved him so and even named me after him. For years I was known as Little Joe. I always looked up to Uncle Joe, he was good to me, took his time to teach me sports, and let me hang out with him which made me feel older and included. My Dad left my mother when I was very young, so he was the father figure in my life. He was very popular and the funeral was attend… Читать далее

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Daddy comes home and I am horny

Первый разХардкорТабу

My pussy freshly shaven, I didn't put on any panties. I did put on a white wife beater. This had become my favorite shirt because my huge tits stretched the fabric extremely taut, making it virtually invisible, yet the shirt hugged my small waist. I looked like a slut in it, and that is exactly the way I wanted it. I put my hair up in a pony tail and pulled it tight, securing it with a scrunchy. I added a black band around my neck. It had a small heart in front. I gave my tits one last squeeze, then another, and then a tweak of my nipples. I couldn't wait for Daddy to get home, but I would… Читать далее

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My Sister's Date Stops By Gay

Гей мужчина

I had just gotten home from work, and slipped off my shoes when I heard a knock on the door. I found this to be strange that I had been home less than a minute—someone must have climbed the stairs behind me, and I simply had not paid attention. I was stuck in this thought, and did not move until I heard a second volley of knocks. I walked up to the door, and checked the peephole. Standing on the other side of the door was a man I had met only once before. His name was Brad, and he had briefly talked to my sister. She had stopped talking to him because he had been too pushy with her. At the co… Читать далее

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Life of a horny Indian girl - first time with two

Групповой сексМежрасовый сексПервый раз

A few friends have asked me for a story about one of my sexual experiences. One of my favorite nights happened a year ago. I was in a relationship that was no fun and I wanted to get out of it. I’d started a job working for a big company. It was one of my first proper job and everyone working there was older men. I was only 22, one of the only girls and I liked getting the attention of the big bosses. I wasn’t good at my job but I knew that a short dress and a bit of flirting would work. I started to get the attention of the boss Paul who had an office near my desk. He would call me in to talk… Читать далее

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Families oral tradition

ТабуПервый разФетиш

"Thanks a lot, Sis!" Laura was sitting on the front porch as her older brother, Thad, came up the steps looking disgruntled and annoyed and slightly flushed. Laura, at that time, was a very pretty blonde teenager with a nubile, bouncy body. Her tits thrust out saucily in her tight sweater and a lot of slim, shapely thigh showed below the hem of her then-fashionable miniskirt. Now she looked surprised by Thad's attitude. "What's wrong?" she asked. "Myrna Jones is what's wrong!" he snapped. Myrna was a classmate of Laura's and had asked Laura to get her a date with Thad. Thad had just returne… Читать далее

Автор: goldenrod777 5 дней назад 3 4,931 82%

A surprising reunion with Bryan

Гей мужчинаАнальный сексХардкор

About 5 years ago I coached a select baseball team. Tired of the parents and politics I decided to hang it up and have my weeknights and weekends free of nagging fathers telling me their k** was the next Babe Ruth, and being told how I should do everything different and catering to ever need of every future pro baseball player on my team. I had my fill of it and was done. Fast forward 5 years.... After remodeling my house with all my newly acquired free time, my new focused was to tear down and replace all the drywall in me garage. The tear down and clean up was done and it was time to get t… Читать далее

Автор: slimflipper 7 дней назад 4 1,513 94%

Turned Out

Первый разМежрасовый сексХардкор

"Dam, I cant believe Im doing this..." Christy thought with her ass up on her elbows and knees. As she felt his black cockhead push against her pussy, she closed her eyes and thought back... Christy had been the activities director for a nursing home for a few years now and made a decent salary. Unfortunately, after her divorce she had to pay the house payment since she was awarded the home, which after several months she fell behind on her payments. The stress from being far behind on her payments and the frequent phone calls were really bringing her down. Christy had befriended an older bl… Читать далее

Автор: assphem 7 дней назад 6 3,700 100%

New Job, First Lesson with Mistress

БДСМТрансыАнальный секс

New Job, First Lesson: It all began when I moved to New York to get a fresh start. Always a shy loner, I was teased throughout school for being somewhat short and effeminate in looks. After my mother passed away right after I graduated college, I no longer had any ties to Chicago, and I wanted to move to New York to find a new life for myself. I had very little sexual experience, and was hoping to be able to find a girlfriend in a new city. Landing an apartment in Manhatten and a job as a personal assistant to the chief executive officer of a small private medical consulting firm, I was looki… Читать далее

Автор: jackjohnsonsmith2nd 6 дней назад 3 1,272 100%

The Nudist Beach

Групповой секс

Friends had told us about a nudist beach they'd discovered the previous summer. It sounded like fun but we were a little hesitant. Neither Tim nor I had ever gone naked in public. Our friends reassured us that the beach was clothing optional. We could leave our swimsuits on if we liked. Lots of people did. Like most students we were short of money. We reserved bunks in a youth hostel and took the overnight train to the coast. We didn't get much sleep and arrived bleary-eyed and aching in every limb. We looked forward to a hot shower and a refreshing nap. To our dismay we found the hostel abo… Читать далее

Автор: gonfalon 5 дней назад 3 3,214 100%

Little affair during family holidays

ТабуПервый разЗрелые

It was a late evening, when I came back home. Suddenly someone knocked on the door. I didn’t expect anyone, the rest of the family should be arriving later. It was my nephew, a 15 year old good looking boy. “Hi sweetie, come in, unfortunately no one else is here, but if you don’t mind waiting, I can give you some drink and a delicious cake”. I haven’t seen him for quite some time. He became a handsome little man! We had a nice conversation for a moment, but I had to leave him alone to prepare a bath for my baby. While I was busy with the little one, something nasty came to my mind... Is he l… Читать далее

Автор: desirette 6 дней назад 6 7,528 77%

A fantasy comes true

Первый разГей мужчина

I guess I should start by telling you a bit about myself I'm in my late 30's about 6'4 tall and weigh about 300lbs and I guess you would call me a bear. I've always been a "I'll try anything once" kind of guy. Until the events of this story I had never been intimate with another man, but I had often wondered what it would feel like to wank and suck another mans cock. The story begins just over a year ago and I had just come out of another failed relationship and was here at home alone jerking off over a video of some guy sucking a tranny cock, after I'd come all over myself and tasted my own c… Читать далее

Автор: Luvtoswallow1610 6 дней назад 2 2,001 93%

My first Cuckold


My very first true cuckoldingexperience was before i was even married. I was 18, a senior in high school, and my boyfriend was a freshman away at college. he used to get so horny we would talk about all kinds of things and sometimes he would get to a point where he wanted to play truth or dare. I think in his mind it was all just fantasy or role play because it was over the phone. Since we didn't have video chat back then he would just ask dare me to do things and i guess he thought i was faking it. So one day It was spring and gorgeous outside so i had my windows open in my bedroom and they w… Читать далее

Автор: newestcuck 3 дня назад 1 2,304 93%

The First Time

Первый разГрупповой сексТабу

The first time my wife, Sarah, had sex with other men was a number of years ago now. It hasn’t happened that frequently since then, really, but the memories of that night still come back to me almost as clearly as when they transpired. We were at home on a Friday night, and had invited two guy friends. All of our wives were friends and we’d all attended numerous get togethers as couples. At one particular New Years party we all went to, I’d learned that they found my wife attractive. As it goes, we men hung out in the kitchen to cook steaks and drink scotch while the women gabbed in the liv… Читать далее

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First BBC Gay

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I must give some backstory to this so you can better understand how this unfolded. I grew up reading sex stories in porn mags and I was always totally attracted to women and never doubted my sexuality. Yet as a crazy, horny young man, I at times would be turned on by stories of straight guys fooling around together and sucking each others dicks or something. This surprised me a bit yet, I'd somewhat been fascinated by cocks. Not in a pure sexual way, but more how I measured up against other dicks. Also the shared camaraderie of raw male sexual energy seemed enticing and exciting in the sex sto… Читать далее

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My Little Sister's New Job Part 6

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Thursday Night Rachel looked at the screen in horror. She couldn't believe what she saw. Her older son committing sodomy on her young daughter. Mike being forceful with Marissa, pulling her hair, shoving her face into the sofa. He roughly fucked her ass while Marissa teared up. Rachel turned off the video. She couldn't believe this was happening, how she never was aware of it. Rachel started crying. “It's all my fault. It happened again.” She thought angrily. “I should have stayed at home like it used to be instead of going back to work, Mike would have never abused Marissa!” Rachel used t… Читать далее

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Offering Old Lover, my Daughter.

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Short, quick, impulsive, and straight from the heart, but more important, using the right words to capture the moment. I started my Summer employment in real estate, 'With your looks and body you could sell anything'. Initially I was offended, but as there were big rewards for making good sales, I could see where he was coming from, so yes I acted as if I was a prude to the idea, but deep down her touched a raw nerve that made me feel wet as I thought about being alone with some handsome hunk about to drop thousands into my bank account, why would I not like to celebrate with a piece of cock… Читать далее

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The Party – part two

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After Dave got home from the party, and his exchange with his sister Kelsey, all he could think of is Kelsey. She told him she would be at the party on Friday, and he could hardly wait. The days past slowly and Dave was jerking off a couple of times a day thinking of Kelsey’s mouth on his cock, and then her ass. He pictured her bent over taking his cock and he’s shoot out some serious ropes of cum. Come Friday evening he was getting ready to go out and he saw Kelsey she and a ribbon in her hair with a neatly tied bow on top. D… Читать далее

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The first time I shared my wife

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The first time I shared my wifOur first time wife sharing I watched my wife of 9 years in front of me, she was walking hand in hand with a man we had met 30 minutes ago, their fingers were interlocked as they moved down the corridor, they were looking for a private room, I wondered to myself, are we, is she really going to do this? how did we get to this stage, my body was buzzing with excitement and jealousy, i followed the pair as they laughed, and smiled at each other, what would happen in the private room? they turned a corner and for a second were out of sight, I turned the corner too, he… Читать далее

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Caught by the Maid


This is a true story that I originally published in 2007 and currently gets about 500 unique pageviews a month on the site where it was originally posted. I'm reposting it here for your enjoyment.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~ A few weeks ago I got some encouragement to write the story of when I had a favorable outcome of being caught masturbating by a hotel maid. I should mention that although I am a frequent traveler and a frequent masturbator, with the two combined I have only been caught masturbating twice. The first time it happened to me I was so embarrassed that I immediately lost my erection an… Читать далее

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Best Mom in the World

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Tommy lazily woke up to the gentle nudging of his mom Sandra. "Wake up, sleepy head." She cajoled in her sweet voice. He drowsily turned his head to see his mom standing beside the bed looking down at him. Apparently freshly showered, she was wearing a bathrobe that although tied at the waist, was threatening to burst open because of her enormous tits. "I can afford to sleep in today." he yawned and turned to face away from his mom and go back to sleep. "Oh no you can't young man." She said as she pulled open the sheets; her son wearing nothing but a pair of pajamas. "I see what the proble… Читать далее

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Asian Massage Fun


I'd been married for about 15 years when I got a job transfer and my wife and I moved to Hawaii. We moved to the outskirts of Honolulu and enjoyed living in paradise. However our life at home had become a little stale, especially in the bedroom. She had always wanted to move to HI and now that she was here, the heat in the bed seemed to get turned down to a simmer. Sex was once a week if I was luckky and it was straight missionary. Basically she would lay back, spread her legs, and wait for me to finish, making a few token moans to try to fool me into thinking she enjoyed it. She hated oral("I… Читать далее

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