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My Big s****r

My s****r Ruth, is ten years older than me. She is one of smartest people you would ever meet. Ruth finished high school two years early, went on to college, then medical school. She is now one of the top psychiatrists in the country.

I never knew really got to know her at all when she was at home. She always was reading or studying. Then when I was 7, she went off to college. Her only bad habit was, she liked nasty, lazy, no good men. Ruth could date dirt ball and be in heaven

All the years of hearing my parents bragging about her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for my 18 years made me ev... Продолжить»
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Training my daughter to be a bimbo, part 7

Part seven of my story.

I came home to be greeted by Cindy standing at the door. She looked stunning, obviously she had been to the beauticians that morning as everything about her look perfect, her gorgeous platinum blonde hair, her nails, make up a slight pouting lips hinting at some Botox and of course she was dressed like a complete slut.

She took me by the hand and led me into the living room where she sat down and looked up at me "is daddy hungry?"

This was now part of our routine, any time Cindy spent the morning at the beauticians it also meant that she was completely bald around h... Продолжить»
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My Horny Mother in Law

I had taken a few days off from work to get some much needed rest, when I received a telephone call from my Mother In Law, wanting to know if I would be interested in helping her to do some repair work to an awning at one of her customers houses. Being bored I agreed. (Before I go further, I must say that in the past, my relationship with the in-laws was rather average. My MIL is rather petit, has smallish breasts.

After I had dropped my wife Anita, at work the following morning, I went home as my MIL had arranged to pick me up at 09h00. She arrived at our place a few minutes after nine. W... Продолжить»
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Fuck My Mother-In-Law

I walked into the house and it slowly dawned on me that I had the place to myself. My wife was working at the hospital and the k**s were spending the night with their cousins in town. Even my mother-in-law – who had moved in with us last year after her husband died – was out for the evening with friends. I flopped onto the couch and pulled up the adult pay-per-view channels on the television. Moments later I was watching a fresh-faced young blond noisily sucking on a cock. Moments later, my pants were around my ankles and I had my own dick out, slowly stroking it.

Not ten minutes later, I ... Продолжить»
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Team Mom

Alice listened with her ear pressed against the outside of a hotel door.

She had left the small suite she was sharing with her husband to go down to the second floor in order to check on the boys for him. In each of the rooms she heard nothing but silence, and saw darkness under the threshold of the doors that contrasted with the light shining on the beige, patterned carpet in the hallway.

It was only at the door of 221 where she heard noise, movement, and a faint light shining from under the door.

Being the coach's wife was primarily a boring position that came with annoying responsi... Продолжить»
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Cream for My Mom

I had just gotten back from my second year at college. As soon as my parents were around, I knew something wasn't right. There was tension in the air and my Mom and Dad were arguing constantly. I didn't say anything at first. I was up early one morning. I sat down to eat some cereal when my Mom came out of her bedroom. She was wearing this low cut bathrobe. I could clearly see her cleavage.

Mom didn't seem to care that she was showing off to me. She came up behind me and began to rub my shoulders. It felt so good what she was doing and I could smell the scent of perfume from the previous da... Продолжить»
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The Dildo in Mom's Dresser

Chapter 1

A crime show played quietly in the background, as I softly dozed in my mom's bed. "Sweetheart," Mom said to me, gently shaking my shoulder, "if you fall asl**p now I'll never get you to your own bed."

Yawning I replied, "Your right, your right, give me a minute and I'll get up." Thursdays were always long days. As soon as school ended I had track practice, and right from there I had to shoot over to work. By the time I got home it was always late and I was always exhausted. Before getting cleaned up for the night I always made sure to say hi to mom, who was almost always just ... Продолжить»
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Cousin Blowjob

I've always admired my cousin Kay. She's sweet kind redhead with a beautiful smile and an incredible body. She's about 5 feet tall with nice legs and great breasts. For a girl her height she had amazing breasts and I couldn't help but take a look every time I saw her. Her butt was nice, not exceptional at all but you could give it a good slap if you had the chance. She usually kept her hair long so it flowed down towards her breasts. Her voice was very sweet and gentle and yet she wasn't afraid to be outgoing or stand up for herself. Truth be told, when she got mad or animated it was al... Продолжить»
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Sex With Mom

"Mom, school was cancelled today."

The words echoed around in my still-sl**ping head. My daughter, Noel, had already closed my bedroom door before I had a chance at any follow-up questions. I laid there in bed, getting woken up and letting my hands absently-mindedly rub my pussy through my pajama pants. I think I always wake up horny.

From outside, I could hear a vicious gust of wind blow against the side of the house. My head cleared and my hands stopped their busy work. The blizzard. It must be just as bad as predicted.

I got out of bed and looked out the window. Snow. Snow everyw... Продолжить»
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My Stepmother's Milk

My father remarried a few years after divorcing my mom. He literally ran into another woman on his way out of the court house. Depressed and in need of company, he invited the woman out for coffee the next morning.

I didn't get to see Pamela for a few months. I knew my father was going out with her, but she never really came around the house. They always went out. After returning home one d***ken night my father confided in me that he didn't want to bring another woman around the house if she wasn't going to last. He said that I didn't need that, especially after just losing my mother.

... Продолжить»
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Training my daughter to be a bimbo, Part 6

Part six,

In this part of the story Tony (ex-wife's husband) and the priest got their comeuppance. Oh and there's a wedding for the romantic amongst you

After giving my ex-wife a glimpse of what we could make available to her myself and Cindy decided to mess with her head. Every day for the next two weeks we would arrange for Tracey to send some guy with a huge cock to visit us. Every day she would come into the living room where invariably Cindy was on her knees between my legs. She would Have a big smile on her face thinking that this latest guy was here to fuck her. Oh yes all of my ex-w... Продолжить»
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My first glory hole experience.

My first glory hole experience.

Back in the days my parentts used to take me on several road trips with them and I learned a lot from traveling so much. One time they took me on one of longest road trips ever. It was during summer breake, when I was between ninnth and tentth gradde...

On that long trip I remember Dadd was driving down the freeway on our way back home, while momm and I were catching some shut eyye.

We stopped for a while at a truckers rest area about two hours after leavin the hotel. Momm and Dadd were busy looking for souvenirs to take to home for granpa while I he... Продолжить»
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Visit to the Doctor, part 3

It's worth reading the first two parts, but if you don't want to, a young man with a tiny cock visitors his Dr who recognises him as sissy material, he grooms him on X hamster, and the young man to his delight realises his role in life

Part 3

After the doctor had had his way with me (although in truth the dedicated sissy I felt that I had my way with him) we sat and talked for a while.

He was asking me how I felt about my transition from inadequate heterosexual to a promiscuous sissy who took great pleasure in giving her ass to cock. I smiled at his characterisation because it was e... Продолжить»
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Mom's Naughty Workout

My mom finished rinsing the last dish and put it in the drying rack.

"Well I have heard sex is the best way to exercise." She said matter-of-factly as she sat down at the table where I was having breakfast.

I chuckled. "That may be. It seems about right. However, if you need a partner to jog, bike or go to the gym with, I can help. The sex I will have to leave for dad."

"Well he is useless for that," she said under her breath.

"What?" I almost choked while trying to take a bite. It was more of a surprise response than a request for her to explain, but she must have not realized th... Продолжить»
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Tried It Now Addicted to COCK Gay

I'm 24 years old and I've always called myself straight even though I've fantasized about dick since I was 14. I've had girlfriends and I like pussy but the attraction to dick has never gone away. As a k**, dicks or anything gay was gross to me and I never would've thought that later in life I'd crave it; that I'd ever passionately suck on the most taboo thing: an erect penis. The craving got stronger and stronger and eventually I had to give in. I was hoping I would just get it out of my system but I also got so horny thinking that I'd get addicted.

A few weeks ago I started putting out ad... Продолжить»
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More Farm Fun

Let me tell you about a former classmate of mine. His name was Cameron and we went through school together, right from grade 1 to grade 12. I was a town k** and he was a farm k**. He got bussed to school every day. While we were classmates and friends, we were not buddy buddy. No opportunities presented themselves for us to hang out together after school and become close.

The Thursday before Good Friday, he approached me just as we were dismissed for lunch about working with him and his dad for the long weekend. His dad needed some extra help on the farm. He had asked Cameron to chec... Продолжить»
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Holiday Threesome With Mother in Law

We came to that time in our life when the ki ds are to growing up to come on holiday and it falls to you to start and take your parents away with you instead. We decided to take the mother in law Jenny away, seeing she was newly widowed from Kelly’s step dad and couldn’t face going anywhere by herself.

It was one of those late arrivals at the hotel, time the bus travelled around the island a few times by the length of the journey. A quick drop off of bags in the apartment and change of clothes, we hit the town for something to eat.

The long day, cheap drink and plenty of food soon had us... Продолжить»
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What Mum Wants

I awoke to two sensations; the sun streaming in through the open window, and also soft skin encasing my hard dick. It was April's round ass cheeks. I stroked her long blonde hair, and lightly thrust my crotch against her. It felt heavenly, and looked heavenly, with the sun bouncing off of her beautiful ass.

It was then when I noticed a note on the table beside my bed. I picked it up and recognized my mum's handwriting through my tired eyes. "Hi hun, I've gone out with friends, probably all day. Breakfast is downstairs; I'm assuming you'll need it considering how much she was screaming last ... Продолжить»
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Pretty Please pt.1 (loyalsock)

Can you do me a favour?

My next door neighbour knocked on my door, and asked if I could do her a favour.

"Its a bit personal, can I come in?"

I led her through to my kitchen where the kettle was boiling. We were sitting at my kitchen table with mugs of coffee before she spoke again.

"I know it sounds odd, but please could you fuck my bottom?"

I was sipping my coffee when she said this, and we spent the next few minutes mopping up the spillage. Luckily neither of us was scalded.

She had only lived next door for a couple of months. At first she spoke to nobody, I saw her now a... Продолжить»
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In high school I realized I was gay,during gym class ,the sight of the other guys showering really excited me,watching them them soap up,there smooth bodies with almost hairless cocks,tight butts,as they stood washing,bending,turning,the water running over them. It was all I could do from kepp from getting an erection, after class I went to the nearest bathroom and jerked off as I thought about there cocks and what I wanted to do with them,I just wanted to suck them and taste their warm cum,it was all I began thinking about.
One day as I... Продолжить»
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Cheerleader Not Niece

I've had my eye on my not niece Briana for quite some time. She was an early developer and while I would never tell anyone I would sneak as many peeks at her over the years as I could and her bright and pretty smile as well as banging body always gave me an erection. She's a senior now in high school and 18 years old...when I see her these days I am less circumspect about looking at her and often she has caught me looking at her sweet ass.

Briana is on the cheerleading squad at the high school and sometimes at a f****y BBQ or get together she is in her cheerleader outfit...the way those ou... Продолжить»
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Playing some more with my s****r Amber

Continuation of this story: http://xhamster.com/stories/my-s-r-found-my-taboo-online-account-689934

It's been almost a week since Amber and I shared a night of boundary crossing exposed masturbation and I'm happy to inform you things have been going great! My s****r spent the next few days working hard while I stayed home trying to be productive but during the evenings the mood in the house had changed completely. The sexual tension between us was palpable but not in a bad way, it was fun and exhilarating knowing that we both knew what was happening and we both liked ... Продолжить»
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I Had Sex with Mom

There is no doubt that my mother was beautiful, she was 41, looked at least 8 or 10 years younger, with almost the same body she had when she was a high school cheer leader. My father had died in an auto accident when I was 6 and she had not remarried. Mom had a well paying job in the finance department of an international electronics company and with a substantial inheritance from her father we lived comfortably. It was the summer when I had graduated high school and turned 18 would be entering college in the fall; I had just turn 18. I had been born with a powerful sex drive. Everyone said I... Продолжить»
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Mother In Law Pleasure

I am Mike and I have been married to her daughter for 12 years. From the start Connie has not been my biggest fan. At first I thought it was because I took her daughter away, but as I have gotten to know her I think it was because of jealousy. Her daughter has someone to make her happy and she has not been good at choosing men.

I have told my wife that I felt like I was married to two women and the sad part is only getting sex from one. My wife would laugh and say I know poor baby. Her mother would flirt from time to time with the topic of sex and passing touches and glances always leaving... Продолжить»
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A Night Out with Mom

The last month has been a whirlwind of activity. First my graduation from high school, then my eighteenth birthday and now my parents anniversary. Unfortunately, dad received a call and had to go out of town on business, so it would just be Mom and I celebrating all three occasions. I'm standing in front of the mirror looking at myself as I try to tie my tie. I am wearing the suit I wore to my graduation. I never was able to tie a tie and I am struggling.

Mom walks in just then and I freeze. She looks stunning in the little black dress she saves for special occasions. Low cut on top, the he... Продолжить»
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Road trip with mum

I had just returned home after my first year at uni. Mum had just come to terms with her divorce with dad. We had planned a trip to see her s****r in Scotland and to have a mini break. The drive up was going to take 8 hours so we booked a cheap and cheerful hotel half way so we could break up the journey.
We packed the car and set off on the long trip. Mum seemed a lot happier than before I left for Uni, she’d obviously adjusted to being single again. She was singing along to the radio and was just generally chatty. We talked and sang most the way, it was good to see her happy again. We turne... Продолжить»
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The sex party with my female cousin - Part 1

The party

I have manhy cousins but Amy is the only one my age. Although we are opposite sex, we have been pals all our lives. Whenever we would get together we would talk like soul mates. I am actually closer to Amy than to my s****r.

As teens, we even talked about sex. About losing our virginity, about blow jobs, pussy licking, anal sex, and the things we did with our boy/girl friends. She is the ONLY person I every told about my fooling around with another man when I was in college.

Once when I went to visit her at her college she set me up with her best friend.

“You'll like ... Продолжить»
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s*s and her best friend

Episode 1 - Postman’s Knock

Writing about my encounters with Mrs Simpson during my late teenage college days got me thinking back to my younger days and my first sexual experience. This is a gentle story of youth and innocence so apologies to those of you who like your stories a little raunchier. It takes a while to warm up so please bear with me.

I was 12 and s*s was 15. My parents were attending a funeral which meant they would be away for a few days. s*s was left in charge and her reward was that her class mate and best friend Jenny was allowed to stay with us. They were sharing ... Продолжить»
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Mother In Law

My mother-in-law, Margaret, officially, but Marge or Margie to most people, and I always got along fairly well. I treated her decent and liked her cooking and her daughter was happy with me and I guess that was what she cared most about.

She had a small apartment on the first floor of the same building occupied by the f****y business. There were two bedrooms and a smaller apartment on the second floor and a quite large loft area on the third floor. When my wife, Glynda, and I were there we stayed in the small apartment. Our two daughters would use the separate bedrooms if they came down.

... Продолжить»
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My Mother In Law

I don't have what you might consider to be a typical relationship with my mother in law, Anita...at least not since her last visit anyway.

Anita lives two states away from my wife, Karina and I.

We've been married for eight years now, and are lucky enough to own a spacious home in southern California. Every summer, my wife flies her mother in to stay with us for a month, sometimes two, since the death of her husband several years ago.

My mother in law is a pleasant, but stubborn woman with a warm smile.

Both her and my wife are of Hispanic origin. Anita is somewhat shorter than h... Продолжить»
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Yvette, an old, hairy granny colleague from work.

Yvette was a 62 years old student counselor at the school I had been working the last resent years . We didn't now each other particularly well. I knew Yvette was a married woman and that she had two k**s, who had left home for college. That was about it. I didn't know her husband or the names of her f****y members. In my experience she seemed to be a rather boring and strict woman, so we had rarely talked to each other especially much.

One day I was asked by the head of the school if I was interested in going to a conference. The conference was going to be held in a major city located far ... Продолжить»
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He said he thought all men are bisexual...

I was recently hanging out with some friends and the conversation turned to issues on the news, among them transgender and gay people and their rights. At one point one of my friends, Art, said he believed there was no such thing as straight and gay and that everyone was inherently bisexual, and that men were just more repressed about it and every man, if given the opportunity and right situation would enjoy man on man sex.

I was disagreeing with him pretty f***efully and when everyone else had left and I was getting ready to go Art asked me if I really didn't think I had a gay or bi side.... Продолжить»
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Roadtrip blowjob

It had been a long week. I was heading to my mother’s alone this time for the first time in years. I normally head down with my wife. We had not had sex in years and I have to sneak behind her back to even jack off. I loaded the car for the 6/7 hour drive and said my goodbyes. I hit the road and loaded up my two favorite aps… Squirt.org and adam4adam.com. Even though it had been years since my last cock, I was looking forward to the opportunity to at least tease a bit. I have seen them waiting at rest stops before when I was with the wife and couldn’t do anything about it.

A few mile... Продолжить»
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My new friend

Hi im J a 40 something female fitness instructor
Amanda is a waitress in a local bar and is 26, i was in there one day and we got talking about fitness, we could both tell the other trained
We said we would train together one time which we did and became good friends despite our age difference
We met at my place 1 night for an evening out
except we never made it out
When she arrived she looked so damn hot in her strappy vest with no bra and nipples erect
As soon as i saw her i knew
After Amanda arrived at my home we had a glass of wine and ordered a cab
Except we never made it into th... Продолжить»
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Milwaukee Cuckokd and His s****r-In-Laws

Milwaukee Cuckolds and his s****r-in-law’s

After Judy was the star at her s****r’s party, she skyped me to show her cum filled body and tell me how much fun she had and thank me for having such a small cock. I asked when she was going to come home and she said she needed to sl**p for a bit and then she would be home.

About an hour later I got a call from my s****r-in-law and she said, “I can’t believe what my s****r did tonight. Did you know she was such a horny slut?” I didn’t answer and she said, “come on, you can tell me I sent you the pictures and kept you informed. I said, “yeah, we... Продолжить»
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Desperation: The Widow and the Neighbor's Son

"How could this be happening?" Sharon thought to herself. The neighbor's son Tommy, whom she had practically raised as one of her own, had just kissed her and said "I want you". But then she ran home in tears. Tommy shouted out "I'll coming for you...tonight". As she made her way onto the steps of her porch, she slams through the front door before locking it shut. It was the day after the funeral of her late husband Frank and she had sought solace, from anyone who could offer it. But Tommy was the only one who could provide her, and she knew it. Sharon stood and waited all late afternoon at he... Продолжить»
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The hen party

Pictures to this story here


I sat in a dark corner of the dance floor trying to stiffle my anger watching my so called best friend kelly run around after the other women like a little lap dog .. she had recently started a new job and was desperate to impress the "in" crowd of bitchy girls that worked there .. she had managed to somehow convince me to accompany her to this hen party which was for the head bitch as she was getting married .. the problem was she had pretty much ignored me for most of the... Продолжить»
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Constance caught me with her s****r

I had published this here some time ago in German and was asked to translate it. Hope you enjoy and let me know if you do. Then I might translate the other parts as well.

During my time at the university I had a short and pretty boring relationship with Constance. She was rather unexciting and sex with her was pretty bland but I simply had nothing better to do and to fuck by that time. Besides she had a small pad near the campus. Driving five minutes in the morning beats the hell out of 45 mins in traffic and then the occasional boring fuck in the breaks... Well, for good sex I had others.... Продолжить»
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All Mom's Holes

Part One: Does It Look Okay?

"How does this look, babe?"

I glanced up from my book to see my mother standing across the living room in her new running outfit. She was just about to go for her daily five-mile run, and had her back to me, bent slightly forward at the waist.

"It's my new one, and it feels a little tight. Does it look okay?" She had her head turned, speaking to me over her left shoulder. Her hands were at the waistband of her skintight running pants, stretching the fabric even more tantalizingly over her tight, fit butt. Her years of running had crafted it into a thin... Продолжить»
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First experience 8/11/2017

True Story

I'm a nurse living in the north Ga mountains. and I am going to the Atlanta area to find and enjoy my first BBC experience. I am married and I work what is called a weekend option at the hospital. On Saturday, without my hubby's knowledge, I call out of work. I left dressed in my scrubs so as not to suspicious and had placed some slut clothing in my SUV, off I went. I found a secluded place and pulled over to change clothes. I put on a short skirt and a tube top without panties and a bra. It took me over an hour to get to the city. As I drove around I kept watching for pote... Продолжить»
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Not a Mama's Boy

I gave my son Randy a couple of weeks to think about sex with his mother. I didn't want to overwhelm the boy; after all, he'd had an intense experience with his s****r and he needed to process all that before moving on to a much more daunting emotional challenge.

Randy and I have been close since he was a c***d, but I couldn't call him a Mama's boy. There is nothing weak or needy in him. In fact, he'd been a rock to me when his father passed several years ago. Only in his teens, Randy took it upon himself to stay by my side through the funeral and the subsequent meetings with lawyers and a... Продолжить»
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Mum, you've got to stop this.

I was getting close to my wits' end with her. Dad died in a motorway pileup when he ran into a thick bank of fog. He had been driving, cautiously we were told, and braked well in time to stop behind a stationary truck but a big all-terrain vehicle slammed into the back of him and he was crushed under the truck in front. He never stood a chance and Mum just went to pieces. Scarcely a day went past that she didn't collapse to the nearest chair sobbing, maybe two or three times. As often as not I would come home from work and find her still in her nightclothes and an old threadbare bathrobe; the ... Продолжить»
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Roommate Sex pt 1

Nikki spread her legs and pinched her nipples as her roommate Kay climbed onto the bed and began eating Nikki out. Nikki moaned loudly and arched her back as the first wave of pleasure hit her body. She hadn't had sex in a long time and when Kay d***kenly hit on her she gave into temptation and accepted Kay's request of sex. Kay had smirked a sexy grin that made Nikki blush as Kay pushed her against the wall and began taking Nikki's clothes off for her. Nikki was in such a horny state that she let Kay do whatever she wanted to her body. Her skirt dropped immediately and Nikki turned and f... Продолжить»
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An Experience Like No Other

An Once in a Lifetime Experience
It started out as just an ordinary date with an old friend of mine Heather. Back in school some 40 years ago we spoke to each other, but she showed no interest in me. Recently I had friended her on Facebook and we talked about the school days and which friends we kept in contact with, those whom had passed and things of such nature. Heather told me that she was divorced and had a younger daughter named Amber about 30 years old, unmarried, but a career minded girl. I was 56 at the time just slightly older than Heather was at 55. She carried her age well, ... Продолжить»
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A Mother's Seduction

It was an amazing sensation. A shiver rolled down his spine. He couldn't believe how good her tongue felt, rolling over the tip of his cock. She slobbered greedily over his shaft. Just when he thought it could feel any better, she pushed her mouth further down his pulsating cock, taking him deep down her throat.

He grasped her hair tighter, pulling it. He was in heaven. She was so beautiful, and her mouth felt sensational. The glint in her eyes as she looked up at him, her lips wrapped around his cock, drove him wild. It was too much. He spasmed, ramming himself deeper into her throat. Wit... Продолжить»
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My new boss uses my wife

My new boss had invited me to a party at his mansion that weekend.
He had insisted on me to bring my sexy wife Anita.
When we arrived there, I knew something was wrong.
My boss walked out into the foyer to greet me and said that he had a proposition for me. He smiled and told me I could not say no…

As we walked in I could see three other elegant men in the living room, where a thick rope was dangling from the ceiling.
My boss then told me:
“This is not a party that you’re going to enjoy. My proposition to you is that you let me and my friends here, tie up your sexy beautiful wife an... Продолжить»
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Pretty Please pt.3 (loyalsock)

Sally, it's you. I love you Sally."

"Bob, are you all right? You sound a bit odd. Are you OK."

"Oh yes, Sally, I'm very OK. I'm just a bit... a bit... occupied."

"Occupied? What are you doing."

Then it dawned upon her.

"Bob," she laughed, "Do you mean that you are, um... fundamentally occupied."

I grunted.

"Are you playing with your little blue boy's toy?"

"Yes love. It's in me now. I was thinking of you."

"Oh darling, do you want me? Do you want me there. Please can I come and see."

"Yes Sally yes. Come quickly. Let yourself in, I don't think I could make it to t... Продолжить»
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My continued search for porn leads to...

I was at Gary's house blowing him which has been a daily routine for about 2 months now. He would usually blow me first and he even started swallowing my cum. When we were done I asked him if he has gotten any new gay porn yet. He said no but told me he heard of a senior named Brad that could get any porn you wanted.
We went to a huge school with over 500 students so I had to ask around on who Brad was. After about a week this guy came up to me in school and said I heard you were looking for porn. Are you Brad I asked, he said yes. If you want porn be at my house around 3 and he g... Продолжить»
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Bar buddy frot.

Throwing back some drinks at the our neighborhood bar, a friend and I kinda started talking about some previously discussed but kind only in joking about eventually DPing a girl. I remember from that point forward when we would hang out having beers we would kind of talk about jacking off and watching porn and just generally get kinda dirty whispering about the bartender and what we would like to do with her etc.

This one particular night, it was getting close to closing time. I lived basically across the street and noticed how excited the jokes and discussion had made me. We were the only t... Продолжить»
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Rest Stop Blacken Gay

He gulped as the head of the cock rammed into him. The pain was almost overwhelming and the assault on his ass seemed never ending. All he could hear was the hissing of the man behind him as he rammed his hard cock in and out of his ass. His own mouth was open in pain but nothing was coming out but a silent scream.

How did this happen? It had all started as he got out of his car in the rest area. He had had a long day, driving for over eight hours and his body was telling him that he needed a rest. He wasn’t one who usually stopped except for the necessities but today, both his body and the... Продолжить»
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