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A great scene from the movies. Queen Boudica is captured by the Romans, tied hung from the back of a cart, her back is bared and she is whipped in front of her people! Awesome stuff!

Добавлено 3 г. назад
Длительность: 01:18
Просмотры: 148,245
Категории: БДСМОтшлепываниеWhippingFemale WhippingWhipping Scene
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2 г. назад
This movie is only loosely based on the historic Queen Boudicca. Here, it's the queen's sisters, not her daughters, who get raped. And there are NO BLOODY VIKINGS in this picture! Nice whipping, though.
3 г. назад
Sirrex - I believe as the legend of Queen Boudica goes, the daughters were sexually violated, as the Queen is lashed? Just the whipping bit for my palate.
3 г. назад
daughters got what ?
3 г. назад
Movie name is "The viking queen". The lashed Queen's real name apparently is Carita.
3 г. назад
I like how they lift her up and let her hang there
3 г. назад
Her two daughters were r***d by all the present legionaries
3 г. назад
The movie title was "the queen of the Vikings" : an horrible anachronism, several centuries of difference. I guess they thought "Vikings" was more attractive than "Britons" or even "Icens" (Boadicea's tribe).
3 г. назад
Real Briton queen Boadicea was very different and her whipping too
3 г. назад
I would have liked to see more.

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