hot chubby wife on homemade video

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4 мес. назад
very hot video
8 мес. назад
super hot!! i love it!!
4 г. назад
I certainly wouldn't call her chubby, I would classify her as "healthy" I like gals with a a tad bit of meat on their bones. She definetly qualifies.
4 г. назад
my favorite position!
5 г. назад
bonne la salope
5 г. назад
Good sex
5 г. назад
Me and my wife had moved into a downstairs apartment and above us lived a black gentleman that we assumed was single. Our bedroom was right below his and a few nights each week we could hear him having sex around 1 or 2 in the morning. We heard each moan from him and his woman, which there was a few different women that he played with. You could tell that he fucked his women hard because you could hear the headboard of his bed hitting the wall and each time his lover orgasmed was well defined. You could tell when he was cumming because he was very loud. Then when he was done, it all became quiet and you could tell they were going to sleep or even sometimes the women would leave. My wife told me that it turned her on listened to them.
Well one evening I was supposed to get off at 9pm but my boss cut me at 7 because we were extremly slow. I got home around 715 and I walked into our apartment and I couldn't find my wife. Her car was in the parking lot but she was not here. I walked in the bedroom and I heard the headboard from upstairs hitting the wall and I heard my wife moaning like I had never heard her moaned before. I was instantly turned on knowing that she was upstairs in his bed satisfying her curiosity. I wanted so bad to be able to watch, but just listening was as close as I was going to get. I listened for about 30 mins of her moaning, the headboard banging off the wall and then finally him cumming. I knew that they were finished and I didn't want my wife to know that I had been home and listened so I hurried up and left before she got dressed and came home. She called me about 15 mins later and I told her I was just about to be home cause I had gotten off early. When I walked in, she was in the shower so I hopped in our bed and waited for her to be done. She got in the bed and I was so horny that I went straight on top of her and had sex with her. She was still so wet and I could tell that he was much bigger than I was cause she was not as tight as usual.
5 г. назад
Nice! But chubby? Really now!
5 г. назад
very nice
5 г. назад
I would love to get in her ass
5 г. назад
nice one

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