Spanish Jordi and NOT his Mom

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Добавлено 2 г. назад
Длительность: 29:18
Просмотры: 872,063
Категории: Анальный сексОральный сексХардкорЗрелыеMomСтарые + Молодые
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16 дн. назад
According to IAFD, the kids in his early 20's, though it looks like most of the women he fucks are robbing the cradle. I'm just discovering Spanish porn and from looking over his cv on IAFD, it seems most of the women are either Spanish or European. The exceptions being matures JA & CP. Also, just about all his work in done on the net. His nickname is hillarious- 'baby chicken'. I bet most of the women he fucks call him Senior Meat.
23 дн. назад
Just look what Jordi,s Mother is Missing out in ! Did sh ever have her Jordi,s Cock in her Cunt ?
2 мес. назад
Someone pm me her name please?
3 мес. назад
who is the girl
3 мес. назад
Wish she fucks me the same way.
3 мес. назад
Want to be use by milfs
3 мес. назад
I get it a mom caught her son jacking off, seen he had a really big cock and now she gets to live out her fantasy of what can't be with this numbskull.
5 мес. назад
who is she???? please pm her name
5 мес. назад
he is using what he has and what he can do with it
5 мес. назад
he can do me next x
5 мес. назад
Want one like him
7 мес. назад
Jordi Polla is a lucky boy
1 г. назад
Her ass is so tight...
1 г. назад
Why so angry? its just porn :)
he's not the first dumb guy in porn with a big dick that can't fuck, nor the last
1 г. назад
Muy ha puesto cachondisimo
1 г. назад
Yeah! I agree! :)
1 г. назад
I wanna be fucked by you! :) I've no tits but a better ass! :)
1 г. назад
this kid is great. I should have gotten into porn at his age!
1 г. назад
If, perchance you LIKE this 18 yr idiot kid, you'd better dl now coz when this dumbo appears on other xhamster vids, old ladies and jealous perverts complain that he looks underage. In fact, he is a simpleton who has no idea of his endowment and fux with it like he is sticking a probe inside the chic.Of course, stupid as he is, those he fux are more than happy to accommodate 12 inches of hard meat. They probably pay this guy in pesos and not many of them at that. His brain IS in his phallus.
2 г. назад
Nice to see natural tits for a change
2 г. назад
That was awesome!
2 г. назад
where is this milf when i 18 yers old??
2 г. назад

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