Strange Diary (1976)

8 мес. назад
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Nothing strange about this typical loop carrier
16 April 2015 | by lor_ – See all my reviews

"Ordinary movie" would be a truthful title for Richard Wilton's STRANGE DIARY, a loop carrier featuring vignettes of Frisco talent in action.

Sara and Anne are in bed interviewed by an off-camera guy about what they enjoy in sex. Director Wilton's films always seem to involve this semi-documentary approach.

We get to see them in lesbian action, as well as vignettes portraying what they discuss. First sex scene is staged in fancy dress for a foursome, looking like an excerpt from a feature film.

Second scene features a girl masturbating segueing to a threesome as the interviewer (Wilton?) warns the girls what kinky stuff he'll be having them do for the camera. The girls then have lesbian sex, joined by two guys including Mick Jones for some mixed combo action. Toni Scott is recognizable here by virtue of her patented frizzy hair look. She is generally silent during the interview sections. Notably the promised Golden Shower is omitted.

Desiree West shows up for lesbian mixed combo sex with our two heroines, employing a strap-on dildo. An orgy ensues with the gals covered in Crisco or whipped cream for some very sloppy action.

Film ends on what would have been considered a high note in the mid-'70s: the vocal interview girl gets it in the ass for promised anal sex and a money shot on her posterior - THE END.
4 мес. назад
Fanfuckintastic! Loved the hairy ass on the afro girl. Or, was that Cher?
5 мес. назад
very sexy video
6 мес. назад
27:00 hot sucking and then a big facial!! Great!
7 мес. назад
Movie Poster and all info (((Here)))
8 мес. назад
Scene 1. 2 girls, 2 guys
Scene 2. girl, 3 guys
Scene 3. girl, Toni Scott, 2 guys, Joey Silvera
Scene 4. Desiree West, girl, Toni Scott
Scene 5. Desiree West, girl, Toni Scott, Dashile Miguele, guy, Joey Silvera, Mick Jones
8 мес. назад
Mara Dunn
Mick Jones ... (as Mick Davis)
Dashile Miguele
Toni Scott
Ken Scudder ... (as Ken S.)
Joey Silvera ... (as Joseph Land)
Desiree West
8 мес. назад
8 мес. назад