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2nd Part of Geff and Annies first meeting


... Robert when was in a bay that had 6 beds in it but as Annie walked she saw that only 3 of the beds were actually occupied and she smiled as she saw the three men all in a row with her husband… Читать далее

Автор: Robertcharles965 5 лет назад 7 1,268 100%

Giving away control part 2

БДСММежрасовый секс

... Tamara lifted her arse off my face, leaned forward and knelt with her legs either side of me, I could see her pussy bulging between her arse cheeks and it was soaking wet, it was glistening and a drop… Читать далее

Автор: Ilovesexyroundbutts 1 год назад 1,211 100%

215 Wendy and Andrew reworked


... 215 Wendy and Andrew reworked This story has been reworked due to hubby sending me his version of his involvement! They were living in Norfolk it was a nice house, not new but very well appointed… Читать далее

Автор: alibodge 6 мес. назад 1 1,142 100%

Adult Education 5

Анальный секс

... "Oh, God," I groaned. "You're trembling," she whispered. "I can't believe what you're doing to me," I whispered back. "Believe it," she answered, and then I felt her hands lightly brush along… Читать далее

Автор: xDeutsch18 6 мес. назад 636 100%

A sexy weekend in London

Анальный сексХардкорТабу

... Ian glanced across at Susie, his daughter, as she sat next to him on the train as it pulled away from the station on its way to London. She quickly smiled back at him as they settled down… Читать далее

Автор: vtevte 3 года назад 2 3,493 100%

'little sis' chapter 4

Первый разСекс юморТабу

... I was a wreck about four days before prom. I couldn’t sleep. I knew I was attracted to Jason but my feelings for scott were based on severe infatuation. I was actually painting my toenails when I… Читать далее

Автор: halinaplays 3 года назад 8 3,077 100%

Das Einstellungsseminar Teil 02


... 2 -- Die Fahrt zum Seminar Vor einigen Jahren war die Firma dazu übergegangen, ihre Bewerberinnen und Bewerber in einem Wochenendseminar auf Herz und Nieren hin zu untersuchen. Dabei standen… Читать далее

Автор: redbully83 3 года назад 3 6,066 100%

Das Fest am See

БДСМПервый раз

... Das Fest am See Es war ein wundervoller sonniger Tag und der Abend ist so mild so angenehm es weht ein lauer Wind. Allein auf der Terrasse zu sitzen und den Abend ausklingen zu lassen… Читать далее

Автор: sun-seeker 3 года назад 2 3,708 100%

Ein Anfang (oder ein etwas anderes "Erstes Ma

Первый раз

... Plötzlich überkommen dich Zweifel ob Du wirklich willst, was Du mir versprochen hast. Eine Unsicherheit, die beginnt mit deiner Lust zu ringen, deinem Verlangen und deiner unbändigen Neugier… Читать далее

Автор: notknown2u 3 года назад 1,480 100%



... I rolled her over on her back. I tried to kiss her, but she turned her head away. "No, no kissing," she said. I shrugged. If she didn't want to kiss, that was fine with me. I'd met her at the hotel… Читать далее

Автор: scottish-couple 3 года назад 1,228 100%

'Slave Wife Gets the Cane'


... We are both naked & on the covers of the bed next to each other. I have my left arm under her head & I am gripping the wrist of her left hand with mine such that she is powerless to resist… Читать далее

Автор: Kinky_Mushroom 3 года назад 2,634 100%

An anal story..

Анальный сексБДСМХардкор

... Benedict had spanked me on Monday, neither of us had expected it to bruise as it wasn't a particularly rough session. A few hours later, I realized I had a polka dot pattern of bruises on the right… Читать далее

Автор: 2plasmatic 3 года назад 5 2,356 100%

The Shopkeepers Wife


... This is a continuation of the original by coljac. His first chapter was a true event but this second chapter is my imagination. The next day at work I noticed that Pauline seemed to be wearing… Читать далее

Автор: arbymore 3 года назад 1 2,385 100%


ФетишГрупповой сексЗрелые

... Vi havde snakket om det et stykke tid, altså det med at komme lidt væk hjemmefra. Nu da ungerne efterhånden var blevet så store, at vi begyndte at få lidt tid til os selv, var det jo oplagt at tage af… Читать далее

Автор: Jyderne5254 3 года назад 4 1,688 100%

Ein schöner Abend

Первый раз

... Ein schöner Abend... unsere Bahnfahrer haben sich mal wieder verabredet, diesmal zu einem lustigen Abend zum Tanzen... alle sind vergnügt und ausgelassen... besonders du, du bist schick und ein wenig… Читать далее

Автор: Niveauvoller73 3 года назад 2,343 100%



... Nicole@Dave by gimme_your_load Nicole was at one of her husband's boring law firm parties. Nicole was a very attractive brownish-blonde haired woman. Nicole had awesome stats at 5ft.-10 tall-36D-23… Читать далее

Автор: perry47 3 года назад 1,565 100%

Crossdresser Stories Teil 2: Myriann und das Schw&


... zuletzt schrieb ich ja über high heels und die kunst darauf zu laufen und darin zu ficken. heute will ich über das schwänze blasen schreiben. das kam bei mir ganz schnell, als ich mit myriann… Читать далее

Автор: myriann 3 года назад 22 7,213 100%

Watching Anna


... For men who like to watch their wives having sex with other men, no explanation is necessary. For men who don't understand this fantasy, no explanation is possible. Although I enjoy wife sharing… Читать далее

Автор: jason1000 3 года назад 4 2,845 100%

my Favorite

Первый раз

... Rohit having first time sex with Neha Hello people, I want to share a recent experience I had a few months ago when I met my girlfriend Neha. Hope you like it. I am 26 and work in an engineering… Читать далее

Автор: ronit07992 3 года назад 1,322 100%

MY Big Surpise Part 1 (repost)

Анальный сексЗрелыеТрансы

... My Surprise Encounter This story is fiction and did not really happen and was only a dream Hello My name is Michelle I live in upstate New York. I am a 42… Читать далее

Автор: dirtylatina4u 3 года назад 1 2,026 100%